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It's already 3.5 years since the 6.5-year anniversary of TV GIRL's iconic debut album "French Exit". A decade since its grand release, it brought the up-and-coming American indie pop band to the limelight. Consisting of Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon, the LA-based group is holding celebratory shows at The Wiltern, which includes this anniversary performance on Wednesday, June 19. Since 2014, they're shaking up the scene with iconic indie pop anthems that give us life. Their hit single from the album, "Lovers Rock", is where it all began. In this series of special anniversary shows, they're playing the album in its full glory - every track live on stage. Its other classic hits and fan favorites include "Anjela", "Pantyhose", "The Blonde", "Birds Don't Sing", and many more. Coming a long way since their debut, they're paying homage to the album that brought them where they are today. Don't miss out on this chance to celebrate with TV Girl by booking your tickets now!

Your favorite indie-pop band TV is heading back to the stage. This time, they're celebrating 10 years since their debut studio album got ya'll hooked on their music. Known for its breakout hit single "Lovers Rock", the record narrated tales of heartaches, sex, cigarettes, and many more. It's an album that kicked off their beautiful journey in the industry, and now they're paying homage by performing every single song on these special shows. It's gonna feel like it's 2014!

Following the album's release, Bandwagon shared how the band's music is "remarkably solid", noting that "It’s not often that the different musical aspects of a band can hold together so well, but TV Girl pulls it off." KRUI-FM praised their "melodic hooks, prosaic lyrics, and innovative sampling." It is notable that the band loves to sample songs and various media from the '60s in their tunes. "Lovers Rock" for example, has a backing track coming from a looped sample of The Shirelles' intro for "The Dance is Over".

Breaking out with their hit single "Lovers Rock", they found the world hooked on their music. Describing it as some sort of hypnotic, they never fail to shake up hearts with songs that share tales of heartaches, sex, and everything in between.

A decade since its release, the album's hit single "Lover's Rock" found new life on streaming platform TikTok. It was used in an overwhelming amount of videos, considering the song's age. Now, the track has been streamed over 700 million times on Spotify, attracting new fans to the TV Girl family. As the band holds anniversary shows at The Wiltern this summer, you can expect the crowd to sing back every single word.

About their live shows, the band makes sure to give it their all. In a review by Jillian Bullock from The Post Anthens about their concert in support of "Grapes Upon the Vine", she notes that "Their genre of music made for a relaxed live performance that was easy to watch and enjoy."

It's clear why their music, and their debut LP continues to make waves to this day. Don't miss out on 3.5 years since the 6.5-year anniversary of TV GIRL's iconic debut album "French Exit" by booking your tickets now!

TV Girl at The Wiltern

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