The Summer Slaughter Tour at The Wiltern

The Summer Slaughter Tour Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

The Summer Slaughter Tour

Metalheads – get pumped and ready to be treated to a festival of unbridled energy and walls of sound - the epic Summer Slaughter Tour is back with a vengeance and is coming to The Wiltern on 31 July 2024!

Co-headliner powerhouses Veil of Maya and Brand of Sacrifice will be performing their first-ever full sets in the epic return of the annual deathcore fest after a 4-year hiatus. The all-day metalfest is an absolute force, and the co-headliners will be laying waste with supporting acts Gideon, Left to Suffer, Ten56, Tallah, Cabal, Brat, Within Destruction and Filth.

With such an explosive line-up, it will be nothing but pure brutality dropping metal bombs on Los Angeles: a concert for the fans who love mosh pits and crowd-surfing and those who just indulge in incredible, loud metal mastery.

The best in deathcore is on the menu at The Wiltern, and the serving sizes are plentiful. Tickets are priced from only $34, so don’t be a snoozer – hit that button now and secure your share in the feast!

The Wiltern is about to be blown to bits by the best in established and new and upcoming deathcore bands – and it’s the one explosion metalheads can’t afford to miss!

Marc Okubo, guitarist of co-headliner Veil of Maya, summarizes it best: "This tour has been responsible for some of my favorite memories of playing music and some of my greatest friendships. This year’s line-up is amazing.”

Veil of Maya has been blowing heads off since they broke into the scene in 2006 with their full-length debut album, "All Things Set Aside", and have since released 7 studio albums and ferocious singles such as "Vicious Circles", "Mikasa”, “Overthrow”, “Viscera”, “Synthwave Vegan", and "Mother, Pt. 4". It's all thunderous energy and an atmosphere to die for with frontman Lukas Magyar's dual-threat powerhouse vocals, moving seamlessly from heavy, sweeping screams to exceptional clean vocals; drummer Sam Applebaum and bassist Danny Hauser’s tight grooves and ferocity; guitarist Marc Okubo’s technically mind-blowing razor precision riffs.

Canadian deathcore band Brand of Sacrifice has been a relentless sonic onslaught since 2018, dropping their first EP, “The Interstice”, and their full-length debut album, "God Hand", in 2019. Band of Sacrifice's technical prowess and raw intensity has made them a force to be reckoned with, blowing crowds away with epic tracks such as "Demon King", "Altered Eyes", "Enemy" featuring Spencer Chamberlain, "Exodus", "Awaken in Ashes" featuring Nik Nocturnal", and "Purge". They're all about punishing riffs, infectious energy, epic breakdowns, some of the most immaculate guttural vocals and high squeals, bursts of blast beats, and incredible riffs.

Metal-fans are in for an absolute blast of a time: the co-headliners will be supported by Tuscaloosa metalcore band Gideon, deathcore band Left to Suffer, nu-deathcore band Ten56, Pennsylvanian heavy metal band Tallah, Danish metalcore band Cabal, Slovenian metalcore band Within Destruction and Californian hardcore punk band, Filth.

Metal bombs are about to be dropped on one of the top five live entertainment venues in Los Angeles, The Wiltern. The epic theatre can accommodate up to 4,000 moshing metalheads and sports five levels, a mezzanine, and two rear bars. Get pumped for an all-day rager and a truly unforgettable experience – get your tickets now!

The Summer Slaughter Tour at The Wiltern

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