The Basement Yard Experience at The Wiltern

The Basement Yard Experience Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

The Basement Yard Experience

The Basement Yard Experience is finally making its way to LA on Thursday August 1st 2024 to perform live at The Wiltern. Joe and Frank will be gracing fans with their presence in a live experience that will have their popular podcast paling in comparison. You do not want to miss this - get tickets now to be a part of the experience!

Fans of the comedic duo demanded Los Angeles get more attention on their upcoming North American Tour, so another LA date was added alongside another highly requested venue in Toronto. However, you may want to proceed with caution; many of the US dates have already sold out. What does this mean? Buy your tickets ASAP, obviously. C’mon, just click the link. We make it easy around here!

Since 2020, Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez have hosted the hilariously viral podcast The Basement Yard. Millions of fans and hundreds of episodes later, the duo are hitting the road as part of their Basement Yard Experience, an immersive, interactive experience in the same comedic vein as their podcast. If you’re wondering how two podcast hosts can manage to make an entertaining live show… well, maybe just buy your tickets and find out. But long story short; anything is possible!

Long-term fans of the show will be pleasantly surprised at all the call backs and little references to past episodes and viral bits. For any fan of the comedic duo, it’s the experience of a lifetime - so don’t be shy! Grab your tickets now!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to watch a comedic duo host a live immersive experience based on their popular podcast, then The Wiltern is the perfect match. Opened in 1931, The Wiltern is a classic look into the past; the venue has remained much of the same inside and out since it was built. This makes it the superior background to witness two guys make increasingly homoerotic jokes about each other… which is to say, you should really buy tickets to see the Basement Yard Experience at The Wiltern. Subtlety is not my thing. Anyways… buy your tickets!!!!

When it comes to making an internet show or podcast into a live interactive event, there is quite possibly no one doing it better than The Basement Yard. Joe and Frank are known online for their charismatic back and forth banter, and witnessing it IRL is no different; it’s still just as hilarious when they’re on stage. Don’t believe me? Well, you just might have to buy some tickets and prove me wrong!
Perhaps the greatest part of The Basement Yard Experience is that it is an EXPERIENCE!!!! No sitting down in your seat scrolling on your phone, the guys bring the show right to you with interactive games and prompts designed to make YOU laugh. At this show, the audience is part of the experience. It’s almost like you turned on an episode on the podcast only to find that you’re the third, slightly anxious host. Weird, huh? Wanna join in on the fun? Buy your tickets now to be a part of the experience!

The Basement Yard Experience at The Wiltern

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