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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Sheng Wang

Saturday is comedy night at the Wiltern, who’s in? That’s just an idea of a text that you can send to friends! Sheng Wang is going to be at The Wiltern on Saturday, the 27th of July 2024. You could save that text for this date. In fact, Wang has been a massive hit in LA. That’s why he’s getting another show at the Wiltern, and this one is seemingly on short notice. This was not a date that he originally had penciled in on his regular tour. On May 31st, though, he and Ali Wong completely killed at this venue. That’s why they’re bringing him back in late July. Plus, he lives in LA now, so it works out great for him.

You already know he sold out last time he was in LA, sooo make sure to click the get tickets button soon if you want to be in the crowd on July 27th.

Sheng Wang’s been around the block in comedy, TV and the works. He’s been able to showcase his skills at every stop. Not everyone in comedy has the privilege of having taped specials for HBO, Comedy Central, and Netflix. That alone should give you a pretty good sense of the caliber of comedian that this man is. If you’re a fan, then it’s not going to take too much convincing to get you to buy a ticket for his show at the Wiltern on Saturday, July 27th.

What you may want to know is that Wang himself promises completely new material. He’s still promoting his latest Netflix special, “SWEET AND JUICY.” However, the show that he’s putting on at the Wiltern is not going to include those bits, or so he promises. While his comedy style has remained consistent throughout his lengthy career to this point, his personal look hasn’t. It was one thing to watch him perform in his early days with the glasses and the short hair.

He looked very much like an accountant in those days. Now, with the longer hair, the beard, and the glasses, it would almost seem like he’s a completely different person. The new look has suited him well, though. It’s pretty safe to say that “SWEET AND JUICY” on Netflix really took him to new heights. If you want to see what type of act he can follow up with, then you know where you need to be on Saturday, July 27th!

Comedy night at the Wiltern is always a good idea. The best seat in the house here may be a sneaky one. There’s a bar area between the 5th floor and the lodge. If you’re going to be out there with friends trying to have a few drinks and get in some laughs, that may just be the perfect spot to be in. Obviously, the biggest fans on the night may want to be as close to the stage as they can be. Those may not be the best seats in the house though, anyway, just a thought! Getting a chance to pick your seat can definitely impact your experience on that night. That’s why clicking the get tickets button today is a great idea!

Sheng Wang at The Wiltern

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