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Tori Kelly

Two-time Grammy Award-winning artist Tori Kelly announces the second leg of her headlining PURPLE SKIES Tour. Releasing her comeback record "TORI." last April, the "Missin U" singer is taking her deeply personal life tales to the stage. Part of the tour is a special stop at The Wiltern on Saturday, November 9th. Painting the skies purple, you're in for a night of her new music's striking feels as her soaring vocals lead the way. Her new album features her newest hits - "Missin U", "Cut", "Young Gun featuring Jon Bellino, "High Water", and "Thing U Do". The LP is her first album in four years, following 2020's "A Tori Kelly Christmas". With a powerful voice and a fighting spirit, she's one of the industry's brightest shining stars. Known for her iconic groove with distinct sonic influences, she's redefined Y2K pop and R&B. Don't miss out on her PURPLE SKIES Tour by booking your tickets now!

Teasing her new music through last year's EP, Tori Kelly unleashed her new music in its full glory with her comeback album "TORI." As her first album in four years, the Grammy Award-winning singer shares her amazing talent and storytelling capabilities in tracks that cut right deep. Her newest hits include "Missin U", "Cut", "Young Gun featuring Jon Bellino, "High Water", and "Thing U Do". Now, she's taking her new music for a spin on the live stage, announcing the second leg of her headlining PURPLE SKIES Tour, hitting the stage at The Wiltern on November 9th.

The album follows her 2020 release "A Tori Kelly Christmas" which was her first holiday-themed album. In 2019, she released her deeply personal record "Inspired by True Events", featuring her singles "Change Your Mind", "Sorry Would Go a Long Way", and "Language". Now, her fighting spirit is back, and she's ready to share new songs that share her heart and soul.

This time, she's embracing full-on R&B. In a conversation with Grammy Awards, Tori shares her thoughts about her place genre-wise, explaining how she's explored different types of sounds over the years, "But at the same time, when I listen back, I see a through line: my voice. That has always been what connects my music and these different styles I love and are authentic to me. The way I sing and what I bring to a song is the grounds for everything."

As a self-titled record, it speaks volumes of who she is as an artist today. "I want to show versions of myself that have always been there but I haven't been able to express yet," she told Grammy Awards.

Her new EP and album shares her growth over the last four years. Talking to Billboard about how her 2019 release tackled sad and deeply personal struggles, "So growing from that, having a lot of healing, being in love and just wanting to express that feeling — this new wave of confidence..."

At the time of that Billboard interview, we've only has a brief preview of the record through her "Tori" EP, and she's proud to share "I think I’m in just this new place in my life where I’m willing to have a little more fun and experiment with sounds and style."

Now that we've got our hands on the full record, she's set to celebrate milestones of healing and growth with all her fans. Don't miss out on the PURPLE SKIES Tour by booking your tickets now!

Tori Kelly at The Wiltern

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