The Teskey Brothers at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

With a new album coming out real soon, the Australian blues rock band, The Teskey Brothers, lined up a set of shows in support of their new record. As "The Winding Way" finds its way to global airwaves this June 16th, The Teskey Brothers will be driving up The Wiltern on Wednesday, 25th of October 2023. As the "Run Home Slow" blues rockers gear up for a new era with "The Winding Way", make sure to stay tuned for big surprises in the coming months as The Teskey Brothers tease a big year of new music. Catch them perform live at The Wiltern by booking your tickets now!

The Teskey Brothers at The Wiltern

With a highly-anticipated new album in the works, slated for release this June 16th, The Teskey Brothers just released a new single, stirring fans' excitement even more. The track "Oceans of Emotions" serves an astounding flavor of blues rock, staying true to the core of the sound that The Teskey Brothers is known for.

Its accompanying video was in collaboration with producer WAM Bleakley, the release being the first of a said trilogy. "We chatted to him about exploring ‘The Winding Way’ that people take to navigate through their lives," Josh Teskey shared. "The unexpected personal challenges. The relationships that form and break. The mundane beauty of it all. WAM brought it to life in such a stunning way – amazing characters and settings."

Recording the new album in Sydney with producer Eric J Dubowsky, "We just wanted to branch out a bit and try to explore someone who was a bit down a different avenue," Sam Teskey explained.

With a new record that took the brothers to explore new heights, "a lot of thought and time has gone into this record, more than in the past," Josh shared. The album is expected to be more adventurous and explorative as compared to their previous albums "Half Mile Harvest" and "Run Home Slow". Though finding new ways in "The Winding Way", The Teskey Brothers remain true to their core over their love for soul and blue rock.

As the ARIA award-winning band takes on new heights with the release of "The Winding Way", make sure to save your spots at their special show at The Wiltern by booking your tickets now!

The Teskey Brothers at The Wiltern

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