Stephen Sanchez at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles nights will be extra warmer this fall as the symphonic tunes of Stephen Sanchez warm up The Wiltern stage with a two-night concert event. If you are a big fan of Sanchez’s hit songs, such as “Until I Found You,” “Lady by the Sea,” “Evangeline,” and “See The Light,” this is your chance to see the Nashville-based artist in his full glory. The multi-platinum breakout internet star will kick off his two-day back-to-back concert at the Wiltern on November 2, Thursday, with an exciting show that will make every fan scream in excitement. Be captivated as you listen to Stephen Sanchez’s music complemented by his sweet southern drawl. Let his mad guitar skills and powerful vocals impress you and remind you why he is taking the radio stations and online streaming platforms by storm. Don’t miss Sanchez’s performance this November 2! Get your tickets today before they run out. Hit the “Get Tickets” link now!

Stephen Sanchez at The Wiltern

Known for having a voice resembling a rock n' roll pioneer from the 1950s, Stephen Sanchez is a platinum-certified singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. With hits such as "Until I Found You," "Evangeline," "Lady by the Sea," "and "Missing You," among many others, Sanchez was able to bring back the nostalgia and glory of classic jazz and pop music. He is generally known to be behind the velvety-voiced artist and singer-songwriter on TikTok.

Before he became the old-school aesthetic music composer on TikTok, his debut performance was a cover of Cage the Elephant's "Cigarette Daydreams" in 2020. Even though he was an up-and-coming musician at the time who was trying to find his footing in a pretty saturated industry, his distinctive singing style won him a dedicated following. He captivated his fans with his undeniable talent, giving a fresh sound amidst the sea of pop tunes nowadays. His career advanced after a representative from Republic Records heard a sample of an original song he was working on — and cliche as it may sound, the rest is history. 

In a few months of creating original music, Sanchez's music started getting noticed by many Internet personalities and dominating the radio waves. His single, "Lady By The Sea," certainly captured ears as it got listeners a taste of the young artist's vocals and songwriting abilities. Released in July 2020, the single was supported and helped produced by mainstream artist Jeremy Zucker in its final and official release.

Stephen Sanchez is best known for his composition of "Until I Found You" from his breakthrough EP "Easy On My Eyes," released in 2021. Not only did it eclipse a billion streams worldwide, but it recently just skyrocketed Top 10 on the Spotify Global Top 50 Chart. No one would not know this song as it portrays an undying love for the iconic "Georgia" accompanied by Sanchez's melodic serenading voice.

The 50s crooner is back on the road, promoting his latest release "Evangeline." Which tells of the smitten love and yearning boldness of a lovestruck lover. The "Evangeline" tour will see your arrival on The Wiltern this November 3rd because tickets are selling out fast, like ice cream under the sun. Don't miss out on the rising music sensation Stephen Sanchez as he promises a night full of melodies of longing and romance. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets by hitting the "Get Tickets" link today.

Stephen Sanchez at The Wiltern

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