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One of the world's hottet K-POP acts is hitting the stage across North America. In a sea of the K-Wave domination, ONEUS is kicking off an exciting new era following the release of their newest mini-album "La Dolce Vita". Launching the tour back in Seoul, the boys are jet-set to conquer the world. This Spring, they're heading to the U.S. for the ONEUS 2nd WORLD TOUR: La Dolce Vita, coming to you live at The Wiltern on Wednesday, April 10. The 11-city trek will also see the band performing in other major cities, including NYC, Orlando, Houston, and many more. Since their memorable debut with "LIGHT US", they definitely lit up our worlds, capturing every heart, making 'em dance to their newest hit single "Baila Conmigo". As an ode for a last dance between two lovers, it's a track that's set to get you on your feet as the boys give it their all on stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

ONEUS kicksed off a new era, live on stage, following the release of their newest mini-album "La Dolce Vita". Spiced up by its lead single "Baila Conmigo", the band serves a new flair to its roster of big hits - “No Diggity”, “LUNA”, and “Same Scent”. They just keep on winning our hearts, and international fans definitely feel their passion and love straight out of Seoul.

Having launched their amazing debut back in 2019 with "LIGHT US", the fine boys kicked off a legacy of conquering the massive K-Pop scene. Following their debut, the band quickly attracted a following, and their masterpieces entered Top 10 lists in Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the UK. From trainees to shining stars, they've shown great dedication to developing and finding their sound. Amidst the soaring K-wave, ONEUS found its place in the hearts of listeners globally, with their music being able to connect with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Now, the band's newest hit single "Baila Conmigo" takes inspiration from Latin pop music, and they shared that the track also inspired the album's mermaid visual story.

"Usually, people relate Latin music to something red and fiery, and we thought of a completely contrasting color -- blue. The mermaid story also popped up then," Keonhee shared, via The Korea Herald. "A last dance with one's lover that one could give up his life for was the perfect epitome of 'La Dolce Vita,'" he explained about the track, its title translating to "Dance with Me".

Serving their unique twist to Latin pop's fiery visuals, the band cools it all off with a poppin' track that made us all fall in love.

"La Dolce Vita" also spiced things up with a Spanish version of "Baila Conmigo". This is also the band's first Spanish song, after marking five years in the K-Pop world. Though the language isn't common with other Korean acts, ONEUS saw it as an opportunity to pursue new inspirations and connect with a wider audience, as Latin music has been making big waves over the recent years.

"Latin pop seems to be in style. It's logging high on the Billboard charts, and we wanted our songs to be enjoyed more globally," Keon-hee shared. "We also wanted to return the big love from fans we received during our recent world tour in South America, and Spanish sounded like a perfect match for the song's unique tone,"

Celebrating diversity and new infuences that just make you dance, ONEUS is focused on creating music that makes themselves and their fans happy. The boys have expressed that the focus isn't about hitting Billboard charts, as the industry is full of pressure with numbers... It's all about creating music that genuinely defines who they are, sharing stories and tales to their loving fans. "We and the company agreed that if we do our own music, results would follow naturally with time.," Lee-do shared.

Following their significant growth and burning passion for music, ONEUS hopes to spend an amazing time performing for all of their fans across the U.S. at their 2nd World Tour. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Oneus at The Wiltern

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