Los Amantes Perfectos at The Wiltern

Los Amantes Perfectos Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Is there such a thing as the perfect lover? If you’d like to find out, you should check out the new and sensational production that has been making waves in the Spanish-speaking world! Los Amantes Perfectos shows just what it’s like to long for the perfect lover! But mind you; this pursuit is not always a pleasant endeavor! The characters encounter several hilarious predicaments and situations in this epic romantic comedy! The play has been excellently performed by a stellar cast comprising Victoria Ruffo, Jorge Salinas, Sherlyn, Christian de la Fuente, Ivonne Montero, Pablo Montero, and Candela Marquez! This summer, this hilarious story, written by the esteemed Patricia Martinez, will take over North America one city at a time! On Friday, 11th August 2023, fans in Los Angeles can look forward to a fantastic night of laughs and heartwarming moments of the characters Roberto, Elena, Severino, Enrique, Carlotita, Silvana and several others! Hurry and score tickets now as Los Amantes Perfectos takes over the Wiltern in Los Angeles this summer!

Los Amantes Perfectos at The Wiltern

Romantic comedies are a staple among Mexican telenovelas and movies. This time, the production of Los Amantes Perfectos goes to the big stage! The new play by esteemed playwright Patricia Martinez brings the magical formula of falling in love, entanglements, misunderstanding, arranged marriage, and a whole lot of chaos into one charming story. Led by an amazing cast comprising Mexican superstars and an excellent creative team, Los Amantes Perfectos is bound to be the season's biggest Spanish language stage play.

The romantic comedy comprises an outstanding primary cast that includes award-winning actress Victoria Ruffo, TYvNovelas Award-winning actor Jorge Salinas, singer-actress Sherlyn, and highly-acclaimed actor Christian de la Fuente. Meanwhile, the supporting cast includes Pablo Montero, Ivonne Montero, and Candela Marquez.

The play began its national tour in Mexico this spring. This summer, the production goes all the way to North America due to insistent public demand. During an interview, singer-actress Sherlyn expressed her excitement for the upcoming production. “We are happy to return to the theater after the pandemic with this ambitious project, with such a beautiful cast, in a wonderful sitcom with which they are going to have a lot of fun.” The tour kicked off in Tlaxcala, Mexico, in May and will move to North America in August.

Los Amantes Perfectos tells the story of Roberto, who is in the midst of organizing an engagement dinner for his significant other, Elena. He put his roommate and disgraced actor Enrique in charge to ensure everything at the party goes well. However, Enrique comes across a woman he met during a theatrical tour. His infatuation and the feeling of lost love caused him to become very distracted and disoriented.

Meanwhile, Roberto’s brothers Severino and Carlotita are currently arranging the marriage of their little brothers. Carlotita now cannot get married until her sister Silvana gets hitched. Unbeknownst to her, Silvana is pregnant with Enrique’s baby. If that doesn’t make things complicated, Severino visits his brother’s apartment and sees Enrique dressed in women’s clothes. He had the impression that his brother Roberto and Enrique were lovers. When in fact, Enrique was just rehearsing a role for a play.

If you want to learn more about this hilarious story, hurry and score tickets to Los Amantes Perfectos, happening at the Wiltern this summer!

Los Amantes Perfectos at The Wiltern

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