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La Cotorrisa

If you want to have a fun night out with friends, head to The Wiltern on Saturday, the 24th of August 2024! That night, the popular podcast “La Cotorrisa” will be headlining with its hosts Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky. The idea behind the live shows is very similar to what they do in the podcast. It’s, in most cases, just the two sitting on a couch talking about all sorts of wild topics. If you’re a fan of the show, this is an experience that you’re not going to want to miss.

Think of the show as a night, where you’re just going to hang out with some friends. Your funny friends, to be more specific. These are the ones that always leave you with a smile on your face. The Wiltern even provides spots to grab a beer and some nachos. Very rarely does a theater complement a show this well. If you want to have a fun Saturday night in late August in the LA area, hit the get tickets button today!

Many people who haven’t seen “La Cotorrisa” live have similar questions. Is the live show similar to the podcast? In a sense yes, it is, but arguably, the live shows have a lot more meat on their bones. You have to remember that both Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky were stand-up artists before they started the podcast. In fact, they mentioned that they started the podcast because they realized fewer people were going to the shows of those dudes who had a minimal social media presence. Obviously, long story short, the podcast took off in a way that neither of them could’ve expected.

What you can expect to see at The Wiltern on Saturday, the 24th of August, is a combination of stand up acts and the round table concept that they do in the podcast. That last part is really what most people are there to see. It’s like sitting around with your buddies just talking about some of the more random things that go on in life. The Wiltern is actually a great venue for this type of show. It’s got bars and snacks all around for you to kind of fuel up between the shows. This show is very much a bros night. That doesn’t mean that ladies are not welcome. The thing is, the concept behind the show is just dudes talking about life.

This Saturday's performance is going to be the first of two nights that “La Cotorrisa” will headline at the Wiltern. Is it better to catch this show or the one on Sunday? It really depends on when you’re free! Remember that the last part of the show, where the guys are just sitting around talking, is known for being unscripted. In fact, they rely a lot on audience participation in these live shows. A lot of times, that’s what drives the conversation in this part of the show. The best thing that you can really do is talk to a group of friends and convince them that you guys have to get to The Wiltern on either day. What you have to do real soon, though, is hit that get tickets button because they might run out!

La Cotorrisa at The Wiltern

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