Jesse McCartney at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Jesse McCartney

All you Beautiful Souls will enjoy a magnificent Thursday night this May 16 as the pop hitmaker Jesse McCartney performs for your entertainment at Los Angeles’s The Wiltern. Yes, the ultimate heartthrob singer-actor is back in the limelight, and he wants you and your beautiful soul in this concert that will showcase his incredible vocals and undeniable charisma. Join hundreds of other Jesse McCartney fans in making this evening exciting. The 37-year-old singer-songwriter will bring his “All’s Well Tour” to California to promote his new music. If you are looking for a show that will energize your spirit and fill your heart with joy, this is the event for you! Tickets are now on sale, and you can reserve yours here. Get yours today, and prepare to sing along to his massive hits like “Beautiful Soul,” “Leavin’,” “Just So You Know,” “How Do You Sleep,” and his latest single, “Faux Fur,” among many others. Be sure to get your tickets today before they run out.

The OG boy next door who charmed people with his high-spirited and tuneful pop songs during his teenage years, Jesse McCartney, sailed through the 2000s with his banger music and prolific acting career. If you ask girls who grew up during the 2000s who their crush was, there is a high chance they will say his name. Nonetheless, his rise to pop stardom was the result of his great artistry, which led to the most memorable records of the decade. Now in his 30s, he continues to leave people swooning.

Beyond being a Disney teenage star, Jesse McCartney blossomed into the music scene with a noteworthy debut entitled "Beautiful Soul." The title's single went on to become a Billboard Hot 100 hit. "She's No You," "Get Your Shine On," and "Because You Live" were also successes of this release. His sophomore "Right Where You Want Me" signified his move towards a more mature approach to his music. Right after, he moved on to his third album entitled "Departure." The title alludes to his move from a pop teen star to a serious artist. His style changed in this record, taking inspiration from pop royalties like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. The reception for the album was considerably positive. Then came his unreleased fourth album, "Have It All." However, this did not become lost media as all 11 songs in the discography went public.

When "Have It All" got shelved in 2011, the star went on a hiatus to focus on his acting career. He came back in 2014 with "In Technicolor." He dabbled in pop-soul for this album and freshened up the perception of people towards him. Critics found this album to be one of his best. After another six years, he released "New Stage."

This year, he stirred excitement with his single "Faux Fur," and with its release came his all-new trek called "All's Well" tour. From April to May, he will be performing in multiple cities nationwide.

This tour will bring him to The Wiltern on May 16. This will be his last stop, and that is why you should not miss it!

Jesse McCartney at The Wiltern

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