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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

I.M (Monsta X)

With a new EP up his sleeve, I.M (Monsta X) is kicking off his first-ever world tour. Off of the studio and onto the live stage, OFF THE BEAT is coming to North America. Part of his extensive global trek is back-to-back nights at The Wiltern, and you're in for a show that'll get you up on your feet on Saturday, August 31st. I.M, or Changkyun is widely known as a dynamic singer, songwriter, and rapper - a member of the South Korean boy group MONSTA X. Kicking off his solo debut in 2021 with "DUALITY", he's back for another round of his hard-hitting bangers on "Off the Beat". The EP shares his newest single "LURE", a stand out song with punchy beats and Latin-inspired guitars. His vocals and rap skills continue to shine, reminding us why we stan this fine artist. As he shares his big hits, fan favorites, and new bangers, don't miss out on OFF THE BEAT live on stage by booking those tickets now!

Straight out of South Korea, I.M (Changkyun) of MONSTA X is dropping the beat, live on stage. This time, he's kicking off his first-ever world tour in support of his newest EP "OFF THE BEAT". The trek will visit major key cities across the world, including a leg in North America where he'll be performing at The Wiltern for back-to-back nights.

His new record "Off The Beat" shares his newest hit single "LURE", a track with sick beats sharing his impressive vocals and rapping skills. The song also takes Latin music influences with its signature guitar sound, taking listeners on a train ride to his upbeat hip-hop and trap bangers. "Want ‘em to know for sure, can't keep it on the low, babe can you love me out loud," he sings, and we sure are lured in!

"My music is like a diary to me," I.M told USA TODAY. He tells the tale of creating music, and how he values his creative freedom in his solo work. "When I'm in my studio, there's lots of time to concentrate to myself... There's a pressure always when I make music...but that pressure is a positive pressure, positive stress because without that, you might just stay at that moment and don't grow up and stop evolving yourself,"

Each song on "Off The Beat" shares his unique identity and various aspects of his life. Its other tracks "Bust It" shares his confidence in a trap-driven track, while "X0" offers a smooth sound that could pull someone in on late nights with its alluring lyrics and sexy rythms. The new album quickly hit #5 on the South Korean Circle Album Chart, signifying his ability to lure people into his tempting beats.

Marking about 10 years in the industry, I.M is extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences he found in music. "Our MONSTA X team is almost heading into the decade, when every single year passes, the members and the memories and all the fans are very precious to me," he told USA TODAY, thanking is fans for all the support. No matter what the future holds, he'll choose to continue making music, no matter what people think. "I'm walking in the right way with my fans because I know what I want," he said.

As he kicks off a new era with "Off The Beat", make sure to mark your spots at this special show at The Wiltern by booking those tickets now!

I.M (Monsta X) at The Wiltern

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