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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Have a Nice Life

Indie rock band Have a Nice Life are back, better than ever, and they’re coming to Los Angeles. On Friday, August 30th, 2024 head to The Wiltern to see this mesmerizing mix of post punk and shoegaze live in person, this time with new music. The indie rock duo blend 80s and 90s rock subgenres in their deeply entrancing world of sound, and they’re coming back to LA this summer to spread their gloom. Get tickets right here, right now.

Have a Nice Life is a duo consisting of a high school English teacher and a real estate agent. Their music blends the likes of My Bloody Valentine with The Sisters of Mercy, creating a fusion of genres that has earned them devoted fans worldwide. They first gained a cult following with Deathconsciousness in 2008, and they just released a new album last year. To celebrate, see them perform songs both new and old - get tickets to see Have a Nice Life live today.

It wasn’t until the release of their first full album that the world began to hear Have a Nice Life, but it would be even longer before they gained the favor of listeners. Deathconsciousness did not go out with much of a bang; critics and listeners alike did not know what to make of it. Later, the album began to grow a cult-like following online and everything changed for the rock duo. Still, Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga are able to maintain a normal life between world tours. Before they go back into hiding, though, come see them in LA this summer.

Have a Nice Life hadn’t released much of anything for their devoted fanbase in a few years. The duo would often tour and successful performances still happened yearly regardless, but waited until 2023 to start promoting new projects. They released Voids, a series of demos from their past recording sessions, in 2023. This April, they released a single cover of Low’s original song “When I Go Deaf” and one can only assume it will be played at their upcoming shows. If you care to find out, check out their performance at the Wiltern and get tickets right here.

There are some bands that are just too unique. Bands that have so many influences and inspirations that they blend together genres so seamlessly and almost become their own individual genre. Have a Nice Life sits happily in this category; they don’t necessarily subscribe to any one genre in a way that reflects through all of their music. As such, seeing them perform is truly an individual experience - one you surely don’t want to miss.

Have a Nice Life is not just a band - they are an experience. If you care to give them a try, their music is an experience like no other, and is bound to make you a new member of their cult following. In case you don’t believe me, take a look at their upcoming concert here at the Wiltern - it is sure to be a purchase you will never regret.

Have a Nice Life at The Wiltern

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