Faith No More at The Wiltern

Faith No More Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Funk metal pioneers, Faith No More are coming to The Wiltern on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 for a 3 night stand!
After an 18 year wait, FNM are back with their distinctive epic sound and humorous lyrics! Staying true to their roots of combining unexpected genres to create a sublime mix.
You can xpect to hear their classic victorious tracks along with songs from their brand new album!
"We’re going to get busy in 2015…make an album we’re proud of, kick things up a notch, get out there and perform it and maybe even dedicate a little more focus to our fans in the States this time."
Faith No More at The Wiltern

Faith No More are an alternative metal band, hailing from California, the home of many hiphop and hardcore punk bands in the 90's. FNM were innovative around the time and have paved the way for artists such as Nirvana and have gained enormous respect from rising stars, Guns And Roses, Metallica and Alice In Chains to name a few! Their style as also said to have inspired the NU Metal movement which gave way to the likes of Limp Bizkit.
Faith No More's success sky rocketed with the release of the 1989 track "Epic", which became a top 10 hit and were very much present in the MTV scene. Their album, 'The Real Thing' gained tremendous credibility after reaching it's Platinum status in the US, Canada and South America and selling over 4 million copies worldwide! Since then their popularity has grown continuously throughout their career, carving them a steady position in the music world. It would seem as though they never left, yet they are now set to release their first album in 18 years! Fans across the world are hyped up for their monumental return.

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