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Explosions In the Sky

It ain't the end yet! Kicking off a brand new tour, their first since 2019, Explosions in the Sky just announced extended dates for The End Tour. The post-rockers, Chris Hrasky, Michael James, Munaf Rayani, and Mark Smith are set to conquer the world with the power of their rockin' hits. Part of the band's tour dates slated for 2024 include a special stop at The Wiltern on Thursday, January 25. Now that's one rockin' night to celebrate a new year. Known for their signature guitar work and "cathartic mini-symphonies", every Explosion in the Sky concert is one heck of an emotional ride. The tour also follows the band's new album, "End". The record wraps up a sequence that started with their debut release, "How Strange, Innocence". Pulling off their signature sound, introspection, and post-rock elements, End encapsulates one heck of a two-decade journey since they first started dropping music. Witness The End by booking your tickets now.

As an ode to their newest album "End", Explosions in the Sky is extending its life-changing "The End Tour", dropping in new dates in North America and Asia. The album marks the band's first release in seven years, since 2016's "The Wilderness".

Comprised of Chris Hrasky, Michael James, Munaf Rayani, and Mark Smith, the band became known as an essential artist in the post-rock scene, with their popularity going above and beyond for their elaborate guitar work and "cathartic mini-symphonies". They surely have a way with words, and a unique narrative with their instrumentals that hit hard. Moreover, their emotional live shows keep fans and audiences hooked.

"End" shares a thematic embrace for the indefinite cycle of life. As a successor to The Wilderness, Explosions in the Sky encapsulates their best selves, concentrating on emotional themes of lyrical tales that speak to the soul. Critics have pointed out that the album largely feels similar to their previous releases, and this is actually a good thing - it's a familiar gem, reminding us of the reason why we first listened to Explosions in the Sky in the first place.

Despite the album and the tour's name, this isn't the end. It's actually the birth of a new era for Explosions in the Sky. Though the genre has become pretty scarce, your favorite band is here to stay.

"We were very aware that when we titled the record End, people are gonna assume it’s our last record. And that’s not our intention, but whatever," Chris told Treble Magazine. "There’s another beginning after the end..."

Sharing the past several year's anxious moments and loss of loved ones, "End" doesn't pertain to a specific concept, but rather a collation of different feelings that people might associate to the "end", paying ode to the cycle of life. "We just wanted something very simple but very kind of bold and something that could be kind of evocative," he explained. "Even if we as the band can’t quite give an articulate answer as to what we meant by that. It just sort of felt right."

Over two decades of making music, this isn't the end, but the band has the world questioning, "when will all of this end?"

It's time to find out what happens next. Book your tickets now.

Explosions In the Sky at The Wiltern

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