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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Duster - Band

Indie rock band Duster are on their way to their home state of California to perform at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. They will be performing alongside Dirty Art Club, a band that is equally as obscure but not nearly as ancient. Duster have been mesmerizing fans with their space rock brand of indie for nearly two decades. Now, they’re touring the world to spread their strangeness. In order to support them, head to The Wiltern on November 23rd 2024… It’s bound to be a dreamy experience.

It’s been a long and winding road for Duster. In 2001, the band abruptly stopped pursuing musical projects. Later, they would say that rather than their plan of taking on less work, “everything just went dark,” and they stopped all musical production. Nearly twenty years later, Duster shook off the metaphorical dust and released a standalone single in 2019. Since then, they’ve been relatively active with a number of celebrated projects. Their latest stint is a world tour spanning the UK, Spain, the United States, and Canada. Grab your tickets to witness them… in the flesh. Tickets are available now.

They may have taken a break of almost two decades, but now, Duster is back and better than ever. While they have not released an album since 2022, they’ve been touring regularly since they initially reunited in 2019. This tour will take them to a few European dates and a handful of North America venues and festivals. To join them on their current musical journey, consider seeing them at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. Get tickets now.

Duster is truly unique. Their sound is one that is near impossible to replicate, partly because the band uses outdated recording equipment to embody the lo-fi vibes their music generally gives off. They’ve been cited as being primarily indie rock with influences of lo-fi, slowcore, and space rock revival. Really, it’s better you experience one of their performances to understand what their musicality is all about. So, do it - get tickets to see Duster live in Los Angeles online right now. Be there or be square.

When it comes to promoting a band after going dormant for a decade or two, it can be hard to get things to take off. This was expected once Duster finally came home in 2019 to release their third self-titled studio album, but it was not the case; the album was received with intense enthusiasm. From then on, it has been smooth sailing for Duster - and now, they’re on tour. Go ahead, click the link and buy some tickets… I’ll wait.

Duster has been unstoppable since they returned in 2019. Releasing a self-titled studio album in that same year and following up with a fourth record in 2022, they’ve been producing a steady stream of pleasing tunes in between tour dates. Their latest studio album, Remote Echoes, was released September 2023. With this upcoming tour featuring a stop in Los Angeles, the band is performing their 90s classics as well as giving their newer hits some time out in the sun. To hear their funky beats, make your way over to The Wiltern on November 23rd… and buy your tickets online right now.

Duster - Band at The Wiltern

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