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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


With a KFC bucket on his head and a cutting-edge Signature Gibson Les Paul, this highly acclaimed instrumentalist is bound to blow minds away with relentless shredding and face-melting solos! The esteemed guitar juggernaut is traversing the nation for a few select stops and he's bringing his slew of amazing staples along for the ride! Are you ready to see this virtuoso tear it up as he serves career-spanning hits on a platter?! Well, this is your opportunity to experience some of his high adrenaline set as Buckethead takes over Los Angeles' most iconic entertainment destination! See the 'fastest guitarist' deliver his smashing set, serving a multitude of genres, such as blues, progressive metal, bluegrass, and alternative, at the Wiltern! The show on Friday, 14th June 2024, is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience packed with numerous hits, fan favorites, and some sensational covers! Experience live performances of iconic singles, such as “Soothsayer,” “Big Sur Moon,” Nottingham Lace.” and “Welcome to Bucketheadland.” If you are a guitar fanatic, then hurry and buy tickets now to see Buckethead at the Wiltern on Friday, 14th June 2024! Tickets are now up for grabs!

He's finally back and he came armed with a vengeance. After a bout with recovery and focusing on his health, he's finally making his way across select territories! Witness one of the world's most underrated talents as he delivers his vast catalog. Mind you, the man has released a total of 600 plus efforts. So, when we say vast, we mean virtually boundless!

Now, fans in Los Angeles or those traveling to the city can witness this rare spectacle as he delivers his outstanding show. Fans can expect a plethora of amazing staples and iconic covers. This incredible virtuoso can almost play anything with his signature Gibson Les Paul, be it progressive, bluegrass, experimental, metal, and more.

Are you ready for some high powered solos and adrenaline rushing shredding?! Well it's all for show at the Wiltern this summer as the illustrious guitarist with a bucket for a hat lights up the stage!

He has been also been known to perform over 20 songs each show, with some gigs expanding up to a whopping 30 tracks! No matter how many songs Buckethead may deliver at the Wiltern performance, fans can definitely anticipate some highly acclaimed staples, fan favorites, and smashing hits. His live performance is guaranteed to raise some adrenaline and bring dynamic energy and incredible musicianship on stage. It's a guaranteed banger with overflowing with talent and charisma (despite his covered face). After all, he wants you to focus on the music!

The Wiltern provides fans and artists with top-tier features, including state-of-the-art lights and sound, a fully equipped stage, great customer service, ample space, and excellent facilities. Its great location also makes it highly accessible from all parts of the city. If you're keen on going on a fantastic night out in town, the Wiltern provides the best entertainment.

Witness this out-of-this-world spectacle as Buckethead takes over the iconic venue in Los Angeles! The show at the Wiltern on Friday, 14th June 2024, definitely deserves to be on your bucket list (yes we went there!) So hurry, grab your tickets, and prepare to have your minds blown!

Buckethead at The Wiltern

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