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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Andrew Dice Clay

The Diceman is back, and he’s belting out never-heard-before jokes and hilarious punchlines that are guaranteed to have laughing all night! The celebrated comedian Andrew Dice Clay was virtually the bad boy of comedy during the late ‘80s, and his reputation precedes him thanks to his top-tier humor and high-caliber energy! If you’re keen on seeing excellent comedy this fall, you should consider checking out his latest stand-up set! On Wednesday, 15th November 2023, Andrew Dice Clay remains dicey as ever as he performs his bits! Expect nothing but the no-holds-barred, brash type of humor as the Diceman lights up the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California! His excellent brand of comedy has been one of the most sought-after material in the scene, and his show at the Wiltern makes for the perfect night out! So hurry and score tickets now to see Andrew Dice Clay deliver his side-splitting humor at the Wiltern!

He’s well into the fourth decade of his phenomenal comedy career, but Andrew Dice Clay remains at the top of the stand-up comedy pyramid. The stand-up veteran is known for his larger-than-life jokes that may shock some audiences, and he has a wild reputation for making people’s jaws drop since the ‘80s. His brash brand of humor remains his signature gig, and fans continue to see his live concert every chance they get. This fall, Clay is set to deliver a highly coveted show at the Wiltern. Fans in Los Angeles, California, better get ready for hilarious punchlines and jokes without restrictions! His jokes are not for the light-hearted, so you better brace yourself!

Since 1978, Andrew Dice Clay has made no apologies for his sense of humor. He is proudly politically incorrect, and he is deliberately offensive. Rising to prominence in the late ‘80s, Clay was one of the first stand-up comedians to sell out arenas. In 1990, he was recorded to have sold out two nights at the Madison Square Garden. Known as the “Diceman,” Clay has released countless stand-up specials and pay-per-view comedy specials. In 1981, he produced his own debut special, An Evening at the Improv. By the late ‘80s, he had released two HBO stand-up comedy specials, Nothin’ Goes Right and The Diceman Cometh. During the ‘90s, Clay was at the top of his game, releasing five stand-up specials during the 1991 concert film Dice Rules. By 2015, Clay has released several specials under Showtime. When he has free time from his stand-up gigs, Clay appears in feature films and TV series. He has appeared notably on Jury Duty, National Lampoon’s Favorite Deadly Sins, One Night at McCool’s, A Star is Born, and Entourage.

Lucky for comedy fans in L.A., Andrew Dice Clay is set to deliver a rare show at the Wiltern. This fall, the performer will be delivering only a few stand-up gigs. That means this is your opportunity to catch the highly-rated veteran comedian in his best element! If you love to laugh, you should already plan your trip to the Wiltern on Wednesday, 15th November 2023. The popular entertainment venue has a long-standing reputation for hosting the city’s most exciting events. The Wiltern’s excellent location and ample parking within a two-block radius will ensure that you have a fuss-free, humor-filled evening!

Hurry and secure tickets now to catch Andrew Dice Clay at the Wiltern! Tickets to his show on Wednesday, 15th November 2023, are now available through the Get Tickets link!

Andrew Dice Clay at The Wiltern

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