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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Andrew Callaghan

The creative mind behind All Gas No Brakes and Channel 5 Andrew Callaghan has a brand new project, and it’s premiering in Los Angeles on Sunday July 21st 2024. He’s been working on a secret project for years and it’s finally time for the big reveal. If you’re a fan of his journalistic endeavors or his YouTube series, make your way down to The Wiltern this July to see his new untitled mystery film.

Andrew Callaghan has always had a hungry mind. He first grew to love his craft when he took a journalism course in high school. Naturally, his teacher encouraged him to move forward with a career in the field, and the rest is history. With various projects on the go since graduating high school, Callaghan has honed his craft in many variations - street interviewing drunk people, writing, social media, and filmmaking. Speaking of filmmaking, his latest mystery project is premiering in Los Angeles this summer, so get your tickets to be the first to see it…whatever it may be.

When you get your tickets to Andrew Callaghan’s upcoming event in LA, you’re not just buying tickets to see his new film. Yes, the event is a premiere, but guests will also get the chance to participate in a moderated Q&A session with Callaghan. It’s a golden opportunity to get to know him as a creative and to learn more about his newest project. So grab your tickets now. You may never get a chance like this ever again.

Young journalists everywhere could learn a thing or two from Callaghan. He began his career in high school and during his gap year, interviewing a wide range of folks from different newsworthy backgrounds. It was while he was attending university as a journalism student when he started posting on YouTube. Since then, his creative projects have been his full time job. And now, he’s releasing a film he spent four years tirelessly working on in secret. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out his mystery film this July on the 21st at The Wiltern.

For his next trick, Andrew Callaghan will finally be revealing his secret passion project. Keeping it a secret the entire time, Andrew has been working on this mystery film for four straight years. Fans and supporters of his work have been dying to know what this project entails. To see the fruits of his labor once and for all, you’re gonna need some tickets. Buy some online today!

Andrew Callaghan has had quite the successful career thus far. After graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans, he already had a blossoming YouTube career and experience working as a journalist in writing. Always interested in filmmaking, Andrew has a passion for storytelling and getting the facts out there. While nobody knows what his newest feature film entails, one can only imagine it will hold the same quality as his other pursuits. Care to find out? Grab some tickets to see Andrew Callaghan’s newest film, participate in a moderated Q&A, and support a new generation of journalists!! Tickets are on sale now, so get going.

Andrew Callaghan at The Wiltern

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