Unwound at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Due to popular demand, Unwound’s phenomenal return to the stage on Valentine’s Day just became a two-day punk spectacle! On Wednesday, 15th February 2023, legendary post-hardcore outfit Unwound will be performing their second night at the Wiltern! This much-awaited run in Los Angeles marks the band’s first set of live shows in more than 20 years! If you’re an Unwound fan or you simply love punk and post-hardcore music, their reunion tour is your chance to see living music legends in the flesh! So hurry up and grab your tickets now and witness Unwound’s famous high-energy set at the Wiltern!

Unwound at The Wiltern

Unwound is a punk-post-hardcore band known for their fan favorites, “Corpse Pose,” “Demon Sing Love Songs,” and “Look A Ghost,” among others. The band, composed of original members Sara Lund, Justin Trosper, and Vern Rumseh, made a significant impact on the punk scene during their prime. Formed in 1991, the band developed a cult following and enjoyed substantial success until they disbanded in 2002.

With their renowned “noise music,” Unwound has released seven studio efforts and became a flagship artist of the independent punk label Mill Rock Stars. In 1993, the band released their official introduction into the music scene with their debut album, Fake Train. The album has been acknowledged for influencing the next generation of artists. Moreover, many critics regarded Fake Train as a monumental body of work for ‘90s punk. In 2014, this post-hardcore masterpiece was reissued with the Rat-Conspiracy box-set.

Some fans and critics consider Unwound’s 1995 eponymous album as their best work. The album, which was set to release three years prior, was shelved. Fortunately, the band eventually released it, receiving generally favorable reviews. In 2001, Leaves Turn Inside You became their last studio album before the band parted ways. It was also the final project to have founding member Vern Rumseh perform bass before his death in 2002. Shortly after Rumseh passed away, Unwound decided to no longer move forward as a group. It’s been twenty years since the unfortunate decision, and today, fans are raving about the band’s long-awaited reunion. “When we put Unwound on the shelf in 2002, we never thought we’d return to the project,” Sarah Lund mentioned during an interview. Guitarist Justin Trosper added,” Starting over again is a rebellious act against our failure.”

Tickets to see Unwound’s second night at the Wiltern are now available!

Unwound at The Wiltern

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