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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


Indie pop genius Dallon Weekes will be making an appearance at The Wiltern on Sunday, October 27th 2024 under his long-time passion project, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. Commonly stylized as iDKHOW, the band has been manned by Weekes since 2016 in between contributing to Panic! At the Disco’s discography and is now a one-man show once again. To celebrate the release of his second album with iDKHOW, join Weekes at his upcoming Los Angeles show; he’s covering all the bases on this US tour, so grab your tickets before they sell out. Seriously, get them before they’re gone.

Dallon Weekes is a man of many projects. Ever since he began dabbling in music back in 2002, he’s never stopped moving, and his name is now credited under dozens of bands’ handy work because of it. He fronted minorly successful indie rock project The Brobecks alongside playing bass for Panic! At the Disco after its initial lineup crumbled. In recent years, though, the focus has been all on iDKHOW - now, with their second album newly released, they’re touring the country. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Weekes do his thing as iDKHOW, it’s truly an experience like no other.

While they may have only begun performing and releasing music in 2016, iDKHOW had been living in frontman Dallon Weekes’ brain for years prior. He finally got the push to start the project with the help of his long-time collaborator, Ryan Seaman, formerly the drummer of pop punk band Falling in Reverse. Years later they released their debut studio album, Razzmatazz, in 2020. All these years later, they have finally released their sophomore album, Gloom Division, which is the first studio album in which Weekes is completely on his own. The album has thrusted iDKHOW back into the spotlight, and they have the tour dates to accommodate. Get your chance to see hits like “Choke” and “Do It All The Time,” alongside their new material; it’ll make your elder emo heart soar. Tickets are on sale right now, so get going.

iDKHOW has a long and complicated past. What started as a handful of songs written in the back of a Panic! At the Disco tour van has turned into a masterful indie passion project spanning years of creative innovations. After his original solo project, indie rock band The Brobecks, didn’t take off, a young Dallon Weekes found himself replacing Panic! At the Disco’s former bassist. In between contributing creatively to Panic!’s discography, Weekes wrote songs that would later become the very beginnings of iDKHOW. Fast forward to now, Weekes is all in on iDKHOW. Having just released the project’s second studio album, he’s ready to hit the road with his upcoming iMPENDiNG GLOOM tour. And soon enough, he’s coming to LA, so grab your tickets while you can. It’s going to be electric, so make sure you snag your spot before they sell out!!

It’s been a little while since iDKHOW has released an album. Four years, to be exact. But hey, better late than never, right? That’s what fans seemed to think when Dallon Weekes put out iDKHOW’s second album, Gloom Division. The album is a testament of iDKHOW’s signature new wave-esque pop rock sound, and with the iMPENDiNG GLOOM tour, it’s coming straight to you. Grab your tickets while you can, heaven knows they’ll be selling out fast.

iDKHOW at The Wiltern

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