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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


Up all night streaming CRUMB’s best bangers? Well, here’s something that’s set to keep you up! CRUMB just announced a headlining North American tour in support of their new album “AMAMA”. You’re up to experience their signature nostalgic indie and psych-rock tunes LIVE ON STAGE. Since 2016, their blend of 60s’ psych, jazz, and indie rock have rocked the hearts of listeners around the world. Making waves in the indie scene, their live shows bring the band’s unique groove through the roof.

The band’s newest hit single “The Bug”, inspired by their encounter with bug bites from a hotel in Nebraska. Years in the making, it’s a track that reminds the band about anything or anyone that keeps you up late at night. Like that bug, Crumb’s music has definitely kept fans up all night streaming their hits and classic favorites.

Taking it all to the stage, we’re pumped up to party and vibe at Crumb’s show LIVE at The Wiltern on Wednesday, October 23rd. Grab the perfect spots at the show by booking your tickets now!

American psychedelic rock band CRUMB just announced a headlining North American tour in anticipation of the massive release of their new album, “AMAMA”. Like their newest hit single “The Bug”, the band’s new music has kept fans up all night. Now, you’re set to party and vibe all-night long as Crumb takes their new record to the live stage. Known for their infectious energy and unique groove, the band’s concerts are something you just can’t miss. Hitting major cities across the country, everyone’s in for a wild night with Crumb.

Part of this year’s roster of shows is a stop at one of Los Angeles’ most iconic concert venues — The Wiltern. Located right at the edge of L.A.’s Koreatown, it’s one of the most popular entertainment hubs in vibrant California. From indie acts to world-renowned artists, The Wiltern has hosted the best concerts one can ever experience. As CRUMB takes over the stage, their iconic groove and eccentric energy is set to shine.

Celebrating the release of their new album “AMAMA”, the band is hitting the road this summer through fall. With a roster of new hits and fan-favorite tracks on the album, we’re sure you’re stoked to see what the set is gonna be. We’re betting on “The Bug”, “AMAMA”, “Side by Side”, “Balloon”, and “Trophy” to get the crowd wild and vibing.

Now, fans have been playing “The Bug” on repeat, and it’s been keeping all of us up all night! Inspired by a time the band found themselves waking up to bed bugs at a motel in Nebraska during one of their earliest tours, “Wired and unable to sleep, I wandered around the motel singing what would become the outro to the song,” singer Lila Ramani shared in an official release. “Years later when we were finally recording it, it took on a more tender meaning… the bug doesn’t have to be an insect—the bug can be a friend, a lover, or that nagging feeling that finds you late at night.”

Sharing psychedelic-rock, indie, lo-fi, and dreamy pop masterpieces, Crumb’s music finds its way knocking on fans’ hearts. Described by Paste Magazine as a meld of “60s psych, loose jazz, and freeform indie rock into a soothing pop amalgamation,” their unique groove surely stands out from the rest. Like their eerie hit track “Trophy”, Crumb always takes everyone by surprise.

Taking it all to the live stage, get ready to take part in a communal experience of celebrating Crumb’s new anthems, classics, and fan favorites. As every Crumb show goes, it’s bound to be a dream-like experience of rockin’ it all out.

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Crumb at The Wiltern

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