The Red Clay Strays at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

The Red Clay Strays

How would you label a band that delves into Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Country music? They got an Elvis-looking lead singer who boasts a massive vocal range to sing a variety of different songs. Ya’ll should really think about heading to The Wiltern in LA on Friday, the 8th of November 2024. The Red Clay Strays are going to be headlining a show that promises to bring your soul out of you! We’re talking about the music, but hey, an out-of-body experience may not be out of the question. There’s a reason why these guys are opening up concerts for The Rolling Stones … let that one sink in. The band’s going to be promoting their new album, Made by “These Moments,” on this tour. It drops on July 26, so you got plenty of time to catch up before you watch them live in LA.

Speaking of opening up, that’s what The Moss will be doing on this night in LA. This group is way more indie rock, but they’ve got a chill vibe. That’s a good thing to make sure that things don’t go too over the top with some heavy metal, and then The Red Clay Strays hit you with some Jazzy tunes.

This is an event that you don’t want to miss! They don’t make too many bands like The Red Clay Strays. Oddly enough, they started as a cover band, but who’s counting? Click the get tickets button and get the best seat in the house at The Wiltern to watch these guys live!

If they ever do a movie or documentary on the story of The Red Clay Strays, it could literally be titled The Making of a Modern Band. The group had actually already formed with most of its current members around 2016 in Mobile, Alabama. As mentioned they were a cover band, but around that time, they started playing their own songs in small venues throughout the south. That was until circa 2022 when manager Cody Payne took a chance and crowdfunded the band's “Moment of Truth” album. This is the album that includes their most played song, “Wondering Why,” and in only about two years, they’ve been touring the country and opening up for the Rolling Stones. Is it fair to say that the rest is history at this point?

What you’ll experience at The Wiltern in LA is not your regular country music concert. In fact, it’s always a pleasure when the band that’s on stage can hit you with the low beats and almost acoustic sound of “Wondering Why,” and then they come back out and play the smooth Jazz and loud electric guitars for “Good Godly Woman.” After that, you’re going to be thanking the God Lord that you decided to come out to The Wiltern on Friday, November 8th. It’s Southern music at its finest with The Red Clay Strays, and you and your partner or your buddies really can’t afford to miss this show. There aren’t a ton of bands with this kind of power and flair out there. This is what Southern music is all about: some jazz, mix in a little country, blues, and soul. It’s going to be epic at The Wiltern.

You’ve got a ton of seating options to choose from at The Wiltern for this night. There’s the pit area right next to the stage, the main floor, with also standing room only and then padded seats on the upper levels. It all comes down to what type of night you want to have on November 8th. Talk to the crew and get them to come out. Click the get tickets button soon before it’s too late.

The Red Clay Strays at The Wiltern

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