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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Summer Salt

SUMMER SALT is taking the summer vibes to the road all-year round as they bring the DRIVING BACK TO HAWAII TOUR across the country this fall. Part of the tour is a stop at The Wiltern on Saturday, October 12th. With a new album scheduled for release this June, the band formed around the duo singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer, multi-instrumentalist Eugene Chung will be releasing new hard-hitting hits that's set to shake you up. Teasing seven songs of pop goodness, every track navigates a part of adulthood, how time and energy is spent in hopes of attaining true happiness. The name of the upcoming album is "Electrolytes", described "an admiration of our lives, as-is". Living life to the fullest, they're set to make the impossible happen — drive back to Hawaii, celebrating 10 years of the iconic debut release. Every show is filled with eccentric energy that the lads always impart to the audience. As the crowd get shaken up with their hits, it's definitely an unforgettable night with Summer Salt. Book your tickets now.

You know the iconic song, and now they're set to drive back and sing their hearts out. Summer Salt is DRIVING BACK TO HAWAII on tour, in support of their upcoming album "Electrolytes" and a 10-year celebration of the iconic debut release "Driving to Hawaii". Kicking off the tour this fall, the duo singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer, multi-instrumentalist Eugene Chung will be performing their best hits, fan favorites, and new material off the album. Known for their lo-fi and indie bangers, Summer Salt's energy is unmatched, never failing to share positive vibes and energy with the audience.

"Electrolytes is an admiration of our lives, as-is," Terry and Chung share in an official release. "Each song is a theme in our adult lives and how we navigate the realness of it these days, just trying to be our best."

Teasing an album packed with pop goodness, its 7 songs stroll through various moods and attitudes one takes in living life. Wandering with time and energy on finding how to live life to the fullest, the band is set to share these discoveries through song on tour.

Celebrating ten years of making music, 2024 is bound to be the band's biggest year yet. The fall tour marks the band's 10-year celebration of their iconic debut release "Driving To Hawaii". Looking back, "It started as just some fun line we had made up," Summer Salt told American Songwriter. "Like, ‘Driving to Hawaii/ surfing down the street.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, no one can drive to Hawaii."

Dropping the track in 2014, the band attracted a following for their blissful and smooth melodies which later became their signature style. "I think that song is a reminder of where we came from," Terry told American Songwriter. "Sometimes, we’ll step away from that sound, but it’s really the core of who we are as a band."

Staying true to their pursuit of happiness and creating life moments to cherish, Summer Salt will continue celebrating life through song. It might be impossible to drive to Hawaii, but all we need is to believe that we'll find ourselves coming through. Don't miss out on Summer Salt's new album and 10th-year anniversary at The Wiltern by booking those tickets now.

Summer Salt at The Wiltern

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