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You've cheered and waited for quite a while, and now, the will of the people has been heard! The English rockers, Muse, are back to serve fans a big new era with the release of their newest single "Will of the People" as a teaser for their much-awaited upcoming new album of the same name. As Muse kicks off this new exciting era for the band, they also announced an extensive tour in support of the new album, with a stop at The Wiltern on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. Don't miss out on the band who led the "Uprising", "Starlight", and "Madness" throw big surprises by grabbing your tickets now!

Muse at The Wiltern

Though finding their big break in the early 2000s, Muse's early beginnings date back to the 90s, when its members played in different school bands at Teignmouth. Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme came together and renamed Howard's band into "Rocket Baby Dolls". From winning a local battle of the bands along with smashing their equipment, they said "It was supposed to be a protest, a statement, so, when we actually won, it was a real shock, a massive shock. After that, we started taking ourselves seriously.", and then the name "Muse" was born.

In 1998, they released their self-titled debut EP, and in 1999, Muse dropped their debut album "Showbiz". 2001 marked the band's growing success with the release of "Origin of Symmetry" well-received by critics and listeners. They started to grow a bigger audience and made appearances on the greatest rock albums lists for the 2000s.

Their succeeding records made the waves greater for Muse to dominate the alt-rock scene. Their singles "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Starlight" from Black Holes and Revelations bagged RIAA Platinum certifications. More of their hits include 2009's "Uprising" and 2012's "Madness", both receiving 2x Platinum certifications from the RIAA.

Since their last album "Simulation Theory" in 2018, fans have been itching to hear new material from Muse. Fast forward to 2022, Muse kicked off their new decade with new singles "Won't Stand Down", "Compliance", and "Will of the People, giving fans a taste of their upcoming new album "Will of the People" coming out on August 26th.

As they dropped their newest single, Matt Bellamy shares "Will Of The People’ is [a] fictional story set in a fictional metaverse on a fictional planet ruled by a fictional authoritarian state run by a fictional algorithm manifested by a fictional data centre running a fictional bank printing a fictional currency controlling a fictional population occupying a fictional city containing a fictional apartment where a fictional man woke up one day and thought ‘fuck this’."

In a statement with The Big Issue, Bellamy said "it’s almost like we’ve made a record that is a greatest hits album – of new songs. That means this album might have a metal track on it – and it’s like, the best metal track we’ve ever done. Or there’s a sort of soft ballad, love song and it’s probably the best ballad love song we’ve ever done, and so on."

As Muse throws in big surprises and hints that the album is going to be their best record yet, don't miss out on this chance to catch Will of the People come to life on stage as the band hops on tour! Book your tickets now!

Muse at The Wiltern

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