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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Lalah Hathaway

If there’s a venue in LA that’s seen amazing jazz and R&B nights, it’s the Wiltern! Here’s to hoping that the Lalah Hathaway concert, which is going to take place at the theater on Thursday, 12th September 2024, can stack up well against some of those memorable performances. Hathaway is performing here as part of her VantaBlack Tour. The tour is promoting her latest studio album that goes by the same name as the tour. Certain from VantaBlack are already some of her most popular songs on Spotify. This night promises to feature as much old-school jazz as it will music that’s fresh out the oven.

The Wiltern’s got a roll to play in this show as well. There’s just something about an Art-Deco-style theater hosting a jazz and blues night. The sound and the experience of the cozy environment can’t be replicated in any venue. If you want to have a seat in the house on this Thursday to see Lalah Hathaway, click the get tickets button today!

One of the more popular songs from VantaBlack is “The Energy.” It’s a track that perfectly encapsulates Lalah Hathway and is a great precursor to what you can expect from her shows. The beats on this track are a lot more modern and synthetic, yet when Lalah starts singing the lyrics, you’ll hear that soulful voice that’s always been her calling card. You can take the soul out a bit from the beats but never out of Lalah! Her shows are very “jazzy,” particularly when her band’s playing live. She takes the opportunity to add more traditional beats to songs like “The Energy” She’ll provide acoustic versions of these songs as well.

When you’re sitting in the crowd with a love interest or some friends, you’re going to appreciate that the person who’s on stage is really trying to create a unique show. So many modern artists just walk out on stage, hit play on the track, and lip-sing. Everyone knows that’s true, but it’s kind of taboo to talk about it in the entertainment world because it does kill the magic that you go to a concert hoping to see. With Lalah Hathaway, you are going to see and feel that magic! She’s going to be on stage looking to craft an original performance just for that night. When you have the vocal range that she has, you can experiment with your lyrics and the way you sing your own tracks without the fear of sounding bad. Without a doubt, she’s one of the most amazing singers of her generation.

Every level of the Wiltern has a different vibe. The pit is where you want to be if you want to be as close to the artist as possible, but you know that. A bit further away from the stage, however, you can be closer to the bar area. That might be something that works for you. This is one of those shows where it could make sense to be in the Mezzanine, chilling and enjoying the concert a little bit more in the background. Where you choose to sit can heavily influence the type of night you’re going to have on Thursday, the 12th of September 2024. Click the get tickets button and choose wisely!

Lalah Hathaway at The Wiltern

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