Hermanos De Leche at The Wiltern

Hermanos De Leche Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking to relax, have some laughs, and listen to two sensible Latin comedians talk, then you should be checking out the live stand-up comedy tour featuring Mexico’s biggest comedic act, Hermanos De Leche! The upcoming tour featuring sensational hosts and comedians Adrian Marcelo and Ivan Fematt “La Mole” is set to conquer North America with a slew of select dates, including a stop in Los Angeles, California! On Friday, 4th August 2023, the Hermanos De Leche will have a one-night laugh riot at the Wiltern! Mexico’s most popular comedy podcast goes live as hosts Marcelo and La Mole deliver their quips, opinions, punchlines, and more! Fans can anticipate bringing plenty of laughter as they discuss random topics, ranging from amusement parks to dad stuff to Korean vs. Mexican soap operas and much more! If you love Spanish comedy, this is your opportunity to catch Mexico’s funniest podcast deliver a big stage production and an outstanding stand-up comedy set! Grab your tickets now before they’re gone!

Hermanos De Leche at The Wiltern

Only in Hermanos De Leche will far-fetched opinions and random topics will be highly relevant. Yet, the podcast has virtually overtaken the airwaves in Mexico. The very popular podcast features two “standuperos” Adrian Marcelo and Ivan Femmatt, “La Mole,” who has been known by the community for their incredible wit, humor, and hilarious anecdotes. The duo delivers episodes weekly, and their tagline aptly mentions that the podcast talks about topics they wouldn’t discuss anywhere else. The podcast was formed in 2021 but started to stream episodes at the beginning of 2022. They aired their pilot show in January 2022 and immediately broke ground with the topic of “Cosas de Frontera (Border Stuff).” The duo may discuss pressing matters at times but the topics are often given a dark humour. Forbidden jokes will also come in waves and make some jaws drop, but in the end, all is well when it comes to comedy. These are jokes, after all.

In less than two years, Hermanos De Leche has become one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the Spanish-speaking world. Their Youtube videos have clocked in over 100 million views and almost one million subscribers. By March 2022, the duo received the 100,000 subscribers plaque from Youtube and dedicated an episode titled “Llegó la placa de los 100,000 suscriptores (the Plaque for 100,000 Subscribers Have Arrived).”

The success of Hermanos De Leche can be stemmed from La Mole and Marcelo’s incredible chemistry. The two friends also happen to be well-known in the comedy industry in Mexico. They have participated in numerous TV projects in their hometown, Nuevo Leon. Since the launching of Hermanos De Leche, their “black and dangerous” comedy has catapulted their fame to new heights. Followers comprising young and old listeners loyally follow their weekly episodes. As of June 2023, the podcast has aired over 70 episodes.

Catch Hermanos De Leche this summer as Adrian Marcelo and Ivan Fematt “Lamole” deliver their incredible stand-up set at the Wiltern on Friday, 4th August 2023. If you’re a fan of Latin comedy, this show is anticipated to be the biggest hit of the season! The show will be taking over the iconic entertainment destination for one night only! So if you’re keen on scoring some tickets, you better do it now! You can buy your tickets by clicking on the Get Tickets link!

Hermanos De Leche at The Wiltern

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