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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Glass Beams

Glass Beams have been taking the world by storm with their incredible experimental music and mysterious identities. Founded during the pandemic and with only two EPs to their name, they’re performing at sold out venues all over the world on their upcoming tour, and they’re coming for you next. Their show at The Wiltern is sure to be another phenomenal live music experience, as they are increasingly becoming known for putting on a good show. It’s sure to be a ride, so grab tickets now.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Glass Beams were born from a giant melting pot of cultures thanks to its members’ cultural backgrounds. Rajan Silva, founding member of the group, brought with him his Indian heritage and love for his culture’s musicality. This, of course, came alongside a mutual appreciation for rock n roll and Western music as a whole, which can be seen being blended into their music. You’ll know what I mean when you go to see them at The Wiltern this September. Tickets are on sale now; what are YOU doing?

Glass Beams as a project took a little bit of effort to kickstart. They began their work during lockdown, and had been forming a concept for a while before they finally released their debut record, an EP titled “Mirage” in 2021. But it wasn’t until a Rolling Stone India feature interviewing Rajan came out that the group truly began. The article brought a name to one of the faces behind the gold masks each of the Glass Beams members wears. And, in a way, it humanized the group to hear one of its founders talk about the project. By the time they released their second extended play, Mahal, they were already selling out shows all over Australia. Be another contributor to their increasingly sold out shows on their upcoming world tour - get tickets to see Glass Beams live in LA. You won’t regret it, so why miss out?

According to countless critics and dedicated fans, Glass Beams is the next big thing in the music industry. With their experimental blend of traditional Indian music and surf rock influences, they meld cultures together and blur the lines of genre itself. Critics are raving, and fans can’t get enough; they’ve sold out shows all across Australia, as well as in New York City. They’re silent but deadly, and soon enough, they’ll take over the world. Be one of the lucky few who can say they saw Glass Beams in LA before they blew up. You’ll thank me later.

There’s something so magnetic about Glass Beams, and it isn’t just the fact that they have gold masks constantly concealing their individual identities. Yes, the hidden identities creates an intriguing sense of mystery about the Australian group, but that isn’t why they’re slowly rising to the top. Their unique way of blending traditional Indian music with Western influenced beats and a sprinkling of Australian surf rock has captivated hundreds of thousands all over the world. In just three short years, they’ve released two extremely solid EPs and traveled the world performing their music that is almost too complex to box into a genre. Head over to The Wiltern on September 24th and let me know what you think they should be classified as. For now, they will simply be known as “Glass Beams”.

Glass Beams at The Wiltern

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