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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Douglas Murray

Are you ready for a thought-provoking experience that may reshape the way you look at the current geopolitical landscape? Yes, this lecture cuts that deep! Renowned British author and journalist Douglas Murray is on his “Save the West” Tour. One of the stops is at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Monday, September 23rd. The show promises to include plenty of discussions on some of the hottest topics in the current news cycle. This is a man who’s known to sympathize with the right, but that doesn’t mean that he’s closed off to other ideas.

He’s recently immersed himself directly in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. That’s going to be one of the topics of the night, for sure. If you want to be a part of an event that offers a completely different type of entertainment compared to what usually headlines at The Wiltern click the get tickets button. It could be a great way to spend a Monday night.

It’s quite a unique experience when you get to see a TV personality at a live lecture. The live performance gives them a lot more time to truly elaborate on their thoughts compared to their time-conscious TV bits. That’s very true with Douglas Murray, who’s someone particularly the right-leaning networks always bring on for political commentary. One of the most important topics that he’ll be able to cover at length at the Wiltern on September 23rd is the aforementioned Israel-Gaza war. He’s actually been in Israel, covering the conflict. Those experiences, along with his research, are actually the basis of his “Save the West” tour. He has mentioned in recent interviews that a potential fall of the Israeli state would precede the fall of Western culture. That’s why the conflict is so important for other countries across the globe.

Another topic that’s likely going to be up for discussion, which also perfectly aligns with the title of the lecture, is the US election. Although he’s British, he’s one of the most popular faces in the media talking about the upcoming event. After the first debate, he was one of the many voices calling for President Biden to step down. Come September 23rd; this is likely still going to be a topic that will be relevant on the agenda regardless of what happens from now until then. Of course, as with many of these lectures, the Q&A section can turn into a heated debate. Again, Douglas Murray is not someone who’s known for dodging topics or questions. He’ll be more than willing to engage with the audience. That’s part of what makes this show worthwhile. It’s a Monday night, to be honest, you probably don’t have better plans!

The Wiltern is a great venue for lectures. You can see the stage perfectly from anywhere in the theater. The seats are rather comfortable compared to what you may find in other places. Doors are at 6:30, and the event starts at 7:30. That’s plenty of time to get what you need to enjoy the show and head to your seat. Speaking of getting what you need, what you need first are tickets! Click the get tickets button and give yourself the pleasure to sit-in on one of the best lectures coming to The Wiltern this year.

Douglas Murray at The Wiltern

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