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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Bassem Youssef

Is it a guy? Is it Jon Stewart? No! It’s Bassem Youssef! Get ready to laugh because he is landing at The Wiltern on October 4th for “The Middle Beast” Tour! This event will feature his “origin story” so you CAN’T miss this.

From being a surgeon, to being a writer, producer, TV presenter and comedian, his solo comedy performance proves to be one of a kind. His show Al-Bernameg is now the most watched show in the history of Egyptian TV. Now, you will get the chance to listen to his political satire and fresh material live on stage!

The Wiltern is the perfect venue for this stand-up show. Featuring its Old Hollywood grandeur and comfortable seating, it will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Don't miss this chance to witness "The Egyptian Jon Stewart" live on stage for a perfect Friday night! Grab a ticket now to secure your spot!

If you ever get chest pains from laughing too hard in a stand up show, don't worry! Bassem Youssef is a comedian and a surgeon in one and he will definitely make you laugh endlessly on a Friday night. Interested? Make sure you arrive at the Wiltern on October 4th for his global The Middle Beast Tour!

Bassem Youssef is Egyptian, yes, but don't worry! The show will be solely in English. In an interview, he said that speaking across languages, that is-- finding references, common ground, the humor is very interesting. His material for "The Middle Beast" will narrate his "origin story" and we might finally see the whole picture of who Bassem Youssef is.

However, we already do know some stuff about him and it's nothing short of amazing. Hailing from Cairo, Egypt, Bassem Youssef is dubbed as the Jon Stewart of the Arab world. He is a comedian, writer, producer, TV presenter and surgeon all in one guy. He hosted Al Bernameg, the first political satire show in the Middle East which became the most watched show in the history of Egyptian TV. Seeing him live should be in your bucket list and this is your chance now!

His jokes, while it got him the worldwide recognition as "The Egyptian Jon Stewart," also resulted to him getting arrested and interrogated. This prompted him to escape to America while his country was going through a massive identity crisis. If you want a unique material that no other comedians can give you, THIS IS IT.

Expect a unique live stand-up show that seamlessly blends political opinions, stories and experiences when he was in Egypt and America. Sure, his commentary is weighing heavy on serious issues but he has an extraordinary ability to balance comedy and commentary. So let yourself laugh, laugh, laugh while half of your head is engaged in thought-provoking reflections.

The historic Wiltern Theater is a one-of-a-kind world-class live entertainment venue. Its Old Hollywood grandeur and comfortable seats will give you the best environment for an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime stand-up show.

Youssef's one-man show, The Middle Beast, is a must-watch event. There might not be any repeats of this material so make sure you take this chance and get your tickets now!

Bassem Youssef at The Wiltern

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