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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Xdinary Heroes

Fans of this K-pop band have been waiting for this moment for years now! In fact, many of them are pretty mad that Xdinary Heroes won’t be doing a full US Tour. They’ll have to make do with this tease, which will see the band play a few shows on each coast. Xdinary Heroes will be headlining a show at The Wiltern in LA on Thursday, 18th July 2024. This is going to be part of their “Showcase in USA” mini-tour. The band’s promoting their new album, “Troubleshooting.”

There’s no telling when these guys are going to be back stateside, or if they’ll ever go on a full US tour. That’s why tickets are selling out as fast as they are! Demand has been so high for this show at The Wiltern that they opened up a second date on Wednesday the 17th. If you want to see Xdinary Heroes, click the get tickets button now! They’re flying off the shelves.

Xdinary Heroes are another product of JYP Entertainment, perhaps the biggest player in the K-pop industry. The record label launched the group through a series of social media posts that teased fans, and little by little, more info on what was coming was being brought to light. It’s safe to say that the launch worked to perfection because “Happy Death Day” the band’s first song, debuted at #12 on the Billboards digital sales list. Keep in mind, this was a song from a band that people didn’t even know existed! That JYP backing can do wonders in the world of K-pop. Xdinary Heroes, however, have proven that they are a lot more than just a one-hit-wonder.

Their latest album, “Troubleshooting,” has managed to put up to 7 singles on the Billboard list! Sure, they may not be battling for the top spot, but it’s still impressive to have seven songs near the top 100 simultaneously. These shows in LA and New York are expected to be packed! Following the same strategy as the launch of the band, the promoters are giving the US a massive tease! Only 2 locations and, at this point, and a total of 3 concerts are what the band has confirmed as part of their “Showcase in USA.” If you and your friends are fans of this band, this may just be one of the only chances to catch them live! There’s just no guarantee that they’ll ever hold a full US tour. Then, with the military service requirement in Korea, we could be looking at a hiatus for the band soon! Get your tickets now for the July 18th show at the Wiltern.

The best spots to see Xdinary Heroes live at The Wiltern will likely be the floors that are closest to the stage. Those spots are selling out really fast, though! The Mezzanine and the floors near the bar area could be a good spot if you’re going to have a night out with friends and you want to enjoy the concert as well as the company. Talk to your crew and let them know that this is perhaps the only chance to see them live. Hopefully, you’ll get on the same page quickly. When you do, click the get tickets button to reserve your spot at the Wiltern for what promises to be a memorable night!

Xdinary Heroes at The Wiltern

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