Valley – Band at The Wiltern

Valley - Band Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Valley - Band

Come and join Valley, a band that effortlessly brings together indie pop and alternative music. They have captured the hearts of many people worldwide with their distinctive sound and captivating performances.

Valley will be coming to The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California on Friday the 18th of October 2024. Their music, filled with catchy hooks and in-depth storytelling resonates with audiences of all ages, creating an atmosphere that is as uplifting as it is memorable.

Come along and join Valley on their highly anticipated tour and immerse yourself in an evening of pure bliss. Their live show performance promises to leave you energized and wanting more.

This is your opportunity to witness Valley live in concert so go grab your tickets now before the show sells out you won't want to miss out on an evening like this. This is more than just a concert is it it is an experience that will stay with you for long after the show has ended.

Valley is a band that had one of the most unlikely beginnings. They formed in 2014 when 2 bands accidentally got double booked for the same slot at a local recording studio, they call this their sitcom moment and refer to it often. They released their debut EP “Car Test” in 2015 which has over ten thousand views. And 2016 they then released an album called “This room is white” The track achieved over a million streams on Spotify by the time it was a year old and ended up gaining a Top 20 placement on Spotify’s U.S. and Global Viral 50 playlists.

In 2018 they released “Maybe Slide A” the first of two EPS, the second EP was titled “Maybe Slide B” which followed in 2019. They then released their single “Never Mind” in 2020 then followed by “Hiccup”. Valleys single “Homebody” was a nominee for the 2021 SOCAN songwriting prize. Their most nostalgic hit “like 1999” went viral on TikTok. This has helped the group to sell out U.S. headline tours. Even with the fame they keep their very humble and mellow personalities on show. Their loving fans are called the Val pals which the band has now embraced and are very thankful for all their support.

Coming back to recent times they have released the album “Water the Flowers, Pray for a Garden” which already has the Val Pals head over heels for the group. If you would like to see a sneak peek have a look at the link below, now imagine that amazing music but LIVE!!! It is going to blow you away! With Rob Laska, Alex Dimauro and Karah James bringing their raw talent to the stage, be prepared to hear heavenly harmonies as well as some mellow tunes.

Whether you have been following them since they started or are just getting into listening to them this show is definitely a must see! It will be the performance of the decade and they will be singing and dancing their hearts out, you will be to. So why don't you go grab your tickets now and look forward to the best performances by Valley.

Valley - Band at The Wiltern

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