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It's been 3.5 years since the 6.5-year anniversary of TV Girl's acclaimed debut LP "French Exit". Can you believe it?! A decade since its grand release, the album brought the up-and-coming American indie pop band to the limelight. Now, the band is heading to The Wiltern for back-to-back shows celebrating their sonic milestone. Catch French Exit in its full glory live on stage on Tuesday, June 18th. Led by its hit single "Lovers Rock", the whole album electrified the indie pop scene with its other classic tracks - "Anjela", "Pantyhose", "The Blonde", "Birds Don't Sing", and many more. Following its massive success, the band continued to drop amazing albums in the next years, namely Who Really Cares, Death of a Party Girl, and Grapes Upon the Vine. Though they've come a long way since their debut, French Exit definitely stands out as a fan favorite. Don't miss out on the record's big return in concert by booking your tickets now!

Can you believe it's been 3.5 years since the 6.5-year anniversary of TV Girl's "French Exit"?! Celebrating this sonic milestone, the American indie pop band is heading back to The Wiltern, playing the album in its full glory. Recognizing the "iconic" status of the album, TV Girl expects fans to run as fast as they can to score tix to this one-of-a-kind show celebrating the album's legacy. It sure did get the world hooked on "Lovers Rock" for over a decade now... and they're playing every single song from the album. A decade since it's release, it's sort of a blast from the past... but it sure pays homage to an era that started it all.

"French Exit" features some of TV Girl's best hits and fan-favorite songs, such as "Lovers Rock", "Anjela", "Pantyhose", "The Blonde", "Birds Don't Sing", "Daughter of a Cop", "Her and Her Friend", "Come When You Call", "Louise", and many more. Officially released in 2014, it received overwhelmingly positive reviews from listeners and critics alike. Bandwagon shared that its music is "remarkably solid", citing that "It’s not often that the different musical aspects of a band can hold together so well, but TV Girl pulls it off." KRUI-FM on the other hand, praised its "melodic hooks, prosaic lyrics, and innovative sampling."

3.5 years since its 6.5-year celebration, the album continues to rock the scene. Recently, "Lovers Rock" found a rebirth on TikTok, used in an overwhelming amount of videos on the platform. This soon translated into massive new streams on Spotify, reaching over 700 million to date. The lead single and the record as a whole continues to attract new TV Girl fans. In every concert they've performed, the track does get the crowd wild, singing back every single word.

In a review of the band's show in support of "Grapes Upon the Vine", Jillian Bullock on The Post Athens noted that "Their genre of music made for a relaxed live performance that was easy to watch and enjoy." They explained how the band's music blends elements of pop, electronic, and indie notes with catchy melodies, making it clear why they're easily a favorite band among its fans.

TV Girl's current lineup includes lead vocalist Brad Petering, Wyatt Harmon on keyboards and drummer Jason Wyman. Celebrating a decade since the debut album that marked their reign, get ready for their special anniversary shows at The Wiltern. Book your tickets now!

TV Girl at The Wiltern

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