Tokyo City Lights at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Tokyo City Lights

Are you ready for something beyond Future Funk? Tokyo City Lights is taking it to the NEXT LEVEL. Tokyo City Lights is bringing Future Funk, Nu-Disco, Japanese City Pop Party to The Wiltern this spring. DJ Hello Kitty, Moeshop, Macross 82-99, Ken Harror, Valentine, Jak Syn, and PiNKII will be taking over the main stage on Saturday 8th June 2024, and it’s all the hype! The Wiltern is also welcoming the likes of DJ Marcus, DJ Curry, ZAKU.86, Stephanie Yanez, DJ Dave Tada, and DJ Showapop to the super exciting Japanese City Pop Stage. Who’s ready to vibe to funky smash hits like “Love Taste” by Moeshop, “E-Girl Bounce” by PiNKII, and “Fun Tonight” by Macross 82-99? Book your places today and dance the night away with these pioneering artists!

Moeshop is a french-born, tokyo-developed trackmaker that brought us funky tunes like “Love Taste,” “Notice,” and “You Look So Good.” This electronic artist combines the floor-filling beats of French House with Tokyo’s neon-bright club music, cultivating songs offering a totally unique take on two countries' dance styles. Another funk sensation joining the stage is PiNKII. If you didn't already know, she’s a huge deal in the underground Japanese scene. Her unique style blends her sweet vocals with hard-hitting beats showcasing the message that femininity is not a sign of weakness. Grabbing millions of hits on Spotify, she promises to deliver her catchiest tracks like “E-Girl Bounce,” “Dirty Viibe,” and “Lewd Thoughts.”

No stranger to the Asian and North American touring circuit, Macross 82-99 is bringing his pioneering sound to this all-star lineup. He’s an electronic music producer and DJ hailing from Mexico City. Based out of Osaka, Japan, Macross 82-99 has cooked up his own brand of music, blending elements of plunderphonics, disco, jazz fusion, house, hip hop and city pop. As well as bringing us huge tunes like “Fun Tonight,” “Miss Macross,” and “Selfish High Heels,” this pioneer was the origin point for the "future funk" subgenre of vaporwave. His breakthrough 2013 albums Neo Tokyo and SAILORWAVE changed the scene as we know it, combining sample-based production and the visual language of vaporwave with French house and dance music elements. Jak Syn is also headlining this huge event. This LA-based artist is spinning the night away with high energy futuristic synth heavy sounds like Goth, Deathrock, Post-Punk and Darkwave from the past, present and beyond the grave! This killer lineup also features Future Funk, Nu-Disco, and Japanese City Pop Party heavyweights, including the likes of DJ Hello Kitty, Ken Harror, Valentine, DJ Marcus, DJ Curry, ZAKU.86, Stephanie Yanez, DJ Dave Tada, and DJ Showapop. Secure your tickets now and bliss out to Tokyo City Lights this June!

Tokyo City Lights at The Wiltern

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