The Decemberists at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

The crowd-favorite indie rock band from Portland, The Decemberists, is set to rise and kickstart a summer tour named "Arise From The Bunkers" stopping by at The Wiltern on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. The Decemberists' last record was 2018's "I'll Be Your Girl", which took fans and new listeners on an adventure as the band is known for lyrically forming an epic and their signature storytelling tracks. The record featured the singles "Severed", "Once in My Life", "Sucker's Prayer", and "Traveling On". It's been a while, but The Decemberists are set to 'arise from the bunkers and conquer the stage once again. With over 20 years in the indie rock scene, they've become a staple favorite among listeners with crowd-favorite tracks like "Valerie Plame", "January Hymn", "Down by the Water", "Make You Better, and many more. There's no better night to take yourself back to two decades of indie rock favorite bedroom anthems than a night with The Decemberists live on stage. Book your tickets now!

The Decemberists at The Wiltern

“Twenty years ago, in a basement practice space in Portland, Oregon, a bunch of musicians threw together under the name The December Brides, a name that lasted only a few hours before it was marginally improved to The Decemberists,” said lead vocalist Colin Meloy.

The Decemberists were formed in the year 2000 as they found themselves crossing paths in Portland, Oregon. They released their debut EP "5 Songs" in 2001, playing several hours at a hotel raising money to record at the studio the day after.

From then on, the band dropped eight studio records to date, becoming a crowd-favorite in the indie rock scene for their magnetic storytelling, lyrical tales, epic, dark, political, and even incorporating historical themes. The Decemberists have made a name for taking listeners on a surprising adventure with tracks like "The Train", "Valerie Plame", "Yankee Bayonet", "This Is Why We Fight", "Traveling On", and many more.

"We’ll be applying our rusty fingers, feet, and vocal cords to songs from all across the width and breadth of our catalogue — and, should the muses oblige, we might try a few new ones out as well" said the band as they announce their upcoming summer tour.

It's been two decades of stories, tales, epics, historical, and surprising music that the indie-rock crowd just can't get enough of since their last release in 2018. The band is finally back with surprises as they 'arise from the bunkers and meet fans on a night that'll take them on a live lyrical adventure of a lifetime. Book your tickets now!

The Decemberists at The Wiltern

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