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Sheng Wang

One of the world's hottest fast-rising global comedians is hitting the stage. Coming to you live, Sheng Wang, the Taiwanese-American acclaimed comic and writer is kicking off a series of shows this year. Following the grand release of his Netflix special "Sweet and Juicy", sharing his hilarious thoughts on juicing, snoring, and existential angst at Costco, the man is taking his comedy-gold antics to the stage. Once a hidden gem in the industry making rounds across San Francisco and NYC, he's got the world hooked with his Netflix release and various appearances such as HBO's "2 Dope Queens" and writing for ABC's hit TV series "Fresh Off the Boat". Though he might be a new face across national and global seas, Wang's been honing his craft since 2002, with SF and NYC locals blessed by his shows in intimate venues. Sheng Wang is hitting the stage at The Wiltern on Friday, May 31. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Sheng Wang is celebrating the massive success of his first Netflix special, "Sweet and Juicy". Though he might be a new face in the global mainstream stand-up scene, the man's been honing his craft for over two decades now. From intimate San Francisco and NYC gigs, Wang is now conquering thousands of audiences in jam-packed. venues. Known for his clean humor tackling anything under the sun, every stand-up performance gets his audiences cracking into hysterical laughter. "From grandmas to porn stars," everyone's hooked on Sheng Wang's comedy-gold skills.

In the underground, Sheng Wang has contributed his writing skills to ABC's global hit TV series, "Fresh Off the Boat".

As the global spotlight turned to the iconic Taiwanese-American comedian, he soon found an audience beyond SF and NYC. With the help of his great mentor and friend, Ali Wong, Wang took the chance to pursue greater heights in his career. He shared that Ali Wong is "one of my best friends and one of my favorite comedians in the entire world," via The Daily Beast. With massive support and inspiration from one of the iconic queens of comedy, Wang took his craft to the next level and soon found the world hooked.

"I’ve slowly been following in her footsteps in a really weird way," he shared. "Not just careerwise: I got her old furniture. She’s upgrading slowly. So I’m slowly upgrading to what she just had."

His work pokes fun and joy amidst the quirks of mundane life. Funny, relatable, and authentic, Sheng Wang is the real deal. He found his big break with "Sweet and Juicy" driven by his hilarious tales about juicing, snoring, and buying pants at Costco, Wang was able to connect with audiences on a personal level, able to share relatable feelings through his comedy-gold storytelling.

Twenty years in the underground, Sheng Wang has remained consistent in the approach of his shows. He previously shared that he's only been his most "boring self", making his joked speak for themselves. It's not about how he looks or what he has, it's about how his words are able to strike and connect with each and every one of his audiences. "That’s the mindset that I had, was to just go on stage and let the jokes speak for themselves and not have things that people can think about or judge me on," he told The Daily Beast.

Sheng Wang is coming to you live at The Wilten on May 31. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Sheng Wang at The Wiltern

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