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Ronny Chieng

He's fed up! Now, you might just love this... Ronny Chieng is heading to The Wiltern, in support of THE LOVE TO HATE IT TOUR, doing back-to-back shows right in LA. Part of his extensive roster of tour dates include this wild night of comedy fun on Sunday, September 8. Widely known as a senior correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, the Malaysian-Chinese comic takes relevant social issues at the forefront of his work. Despite his hilarious spiels and antics, he takes into heart the advocacies he supports. He's the real deal! Now, the man's schedule is packed. He's got 2 Netflix specials, a Hulu series, and a whole lot of big surprises coming up. Though he's pretty fed up about quite a number of stuff on his plate... he assures we're gonna LOVE TO HATE IT! Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

One of comedy's biggest stars, he represents the Asian-American community in his acclaimed performances. Ronny Chieng is well-known as a senior correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. His work on the program has been praised by fans and critics around the globe. Taking his conversations about relevant social issues and current events at the center stage, there's a lot to love about the charming comic... Well now, he's giving us a reason to LOVE TO HATE IT!

Ronny Chieng is currently on his newest trek, THE LOVE TO HATE IT TOUR, the man is spicing things up with a good reason to love hatin' something in our lives. In a conversation with UPROXX, he shared that he just wanted "something cool that was a little bit funny." Inspired by how comedians complain about stuff, "we do it because we love doing comedy."

In an era where people might love complaining here and there... the man offers a fresh escape. He's taking his fresh perspectives and hilarious antics to the live stage. Coming a long way from his early days as an international student in Australia, the man has burst audiences into laughter in his work at The Daily Show and his stand-up tours. He's also starred in various films including "Crazy Rich Asians", Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", "American Born Chinese", "M3GAN", "Joy Ride", and many more. His upcoming Hulu series "Interior Chinatown" is also slated for a 2024 release... Now, we're sure he's got a lot to complain about, but he definitely love to hate it!

Known for his role on shedding light on relevant issues and important conversations involving the Asian-American community, Chieng dedicates his time in creating content and shows that also make an impact. His voice in the industry goes beyond causing hysterical laughter, he also has the power to influence and offer life lessons along the way. His jokes may be spot on, but his purpose and advocacies are no joke at all.

In a conversation with UPROXX about being a Daily Show correspondent as he described as "the best job in comedy", Chieng shares that "you learn a lot... you learn how to write comedy, you learn how to perform, you learn how to edit, how to produce, how to direct, how to do improv TV production," Grateful for the opportunity to be a star correspondent, he credits The Daily Show for its ability to "make a show of news with jokes," citing its institution as its greatest strenght.

In a previous conversation with Esquire's Sirena He, Chieng explained how he balances tackling issues that surround the AAPI community. "You want these stories to be told and you don't think anyone else is doing them," he responded. "We need to talk about these issues, because if I don't talk about it, no one else is going to talk about it, or no one's going to care in the way that I care about it," crediting his colleagues at The Daily Show who support the stories he wants to cover.

Now, this man is the real deal. He's got a lot on his plate, but he remains driven, and he surely love to hate it! Though he's fed up, he assures that you'll love the surprises he's got in store in his newest tour. Book your tickets now!

Ronny Chieng at The Wiltern

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