Rhye at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Are you looking for a night of soul-stirring music? Then you should see Rhye's concert at The Wiltern along with Yarrohs! This is going to be a night of breathtaking music. Prepare for Mike Milosh to bring Rhye's ethereal tunes and rhythms. From the sensual, R&B-infused hits from "Blood" to their lush, ambient soundscapes in "Spirit" and "Home," expect songs that are both calming and refreshing. Opening for the concert is Yarrohs, who is sure to bring a lot of energy to the crowd and make it an unforgettable experience. The Wiltern is the best venue for this concert. With sensual music and an intimate atmosphere, it will not be difficult to be mesmerized. Ticket reservations are now available!

Rhye at The Wiltern

Rhye is the R&B project of Mike Milosh. Unlike other R&B artists, he has found a way to stand out by developing a distinctively organic/synthetic hybrid sound blending slick pop and seductive R&B and his usage of alluring soprano vocals. Before Rhye became a solo project, Milosh collaborated with Robin Hannibal.

In 2010, the two started collaborating. Before making Rhye public, the two worked together to create remixes. When they released "Open" and "The Fall" in 2012, the project was made public. The next year they released their debut album, "Woman."

During the next few years, Rhye toured around the world, visiting many festivals. During these years, Hannibal left the project. After this, Milosh started recording for Rhye's second album in 2017. Before the year ended, the sultry single "Please" came out. Finally, in 2018, "Blood" came out. It debuted at number 118 in the United States charts and number ten in Belgium. Later that year, it was followed by the compilation "Blood Remixed," which became a collaboration among multiple artists, including Jeff Samuel, Illangelo, and Poolside. After the second album, two more albums came out, which are "Spirit" (2019) and "Home" (2021).

This April 1, Milosh is bringing the spectacular music of Rhye to the Wiltern. Opening for this concert is Yarrohs, whose music is also as sensual. Get tickets by hitting the "Get Tickets" link on this site.

Rhye at The Wiltern

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