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Retro-futuristic synths meet mid-70s disco funk in the Poolside concert LIVE at The Wiltern this Friday, January 26th, with special guest slenderbodies! Embarked on the “Blame It All on Love Tour,” the “daytime disco” project will visit 21 cities in North America, promoting its fifth studio album, featuring eleven playfully romantic tracks like “Ride With You” and “Float Away.” Producer Jeffrey Paradise debuted Poolside in tandem with Filip Nikolic through his first hit, “Do You Believe,” culminating in the critically acclaimed Pacific Standard Time and Heat LPs. The band released its third album, Low Season, in 2020, showcasing new jazz fusion sounds with "Abandoned Tunnel" and "I Feel High." The year after, a companion album titled High Season was launched, listing summer jam remixes of previous singles such as “Losing Control” and “Around the Sun.” Book your seats now and experience Poolside’s symphonies at The Wiltern, LA’s most stylish stage for live music!

A synth-woven wave of nu-disco groove will wash over North America this early winter of 2024, brought forth by Poolside’s upcoming “Blame It All on Love Tour!” The two-month concert excursion will hit 21 cities to promote the band’s latest album, starting in Santa Barbara, CA. Heading westward, Poolside will hit The Wiltern in Los Angeles on January 26 with a special opening performance from slenderbodies!

Blame it All on Love officially dropped into the airwaves last October 20, marking the fifth entry in Poolside’s discography. As with its predecessor, the album features an extensive collaboration with the scene’s many tastemakers, all condensed into eleven playful tracks.

Ride With You (feat. Ben Browning)
Float Away (feat. Vansire)
Back To Life (feat. Panama)
Where Is The Thunder? (feat. Ora the Molecule)
Each Night (feat. Mazy)
We Could Be Falling In Love
Ventura Highway Blues (feat. Life on Planets)
Hold On To You (feat. slenderbodies)
Sea Of Dreams (feat. Ben Browning)
Lonely Night (feat. MUNYA)

“The crowd swayed to the mellow, tropical rhythms and couldn't help but let loose. With their blend of electronic, funk, and indie elements, Poolside transported us to a musical oasis, and for the duration of the show, we were all floating on a sonic wave.”

Producer-songwriter Jeffrey Paradise’s Poolside project has set the soundtrack for the world’s daydreaming romantics in technicolor vibrance. Debuting as a duo with Filip Nikolic, Poolside immediately caught mainstream attention in 2011 with their hit single "Do You Believe," paving the way to their critically acclaimed debut album, Pacific Standard Time, and sophomore album, Heat. In 2020, they released Low Season, a jazz fusion record that featured the tiding tempo between tracks "Abandoned Tunnel" and "I Feel High." A year later came High Season, an eclectic collab album filled with summer dance variants of prior hits, including “Losing Control” and “Around the Sun.” Poolside also has an extensive body of covers and remixes from music’s biggest legends, with notable selections from the Grateful Dead, Neil Diamond, and Billy Idol.

Opening for the event is slenderbodies, the indie pop duo composed of Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack. The pair turned heads in recent years with their wistful 2022 album, simple shapes, and the best-streaming “anemone” single from their 2017 fabulist EP.

The tour’s homecoming show in LA will land our headlining act at The Wiltern, Wilshire Boulevard’s crowning cultural landmark. A marvel of classical architecture and cutting-edge technology, this live music hotspot presents a stylish backdrop for the show, complemented by world-class comfort and immersive light and acoustic systems.

Enter a dreamscape of delectable “daytime disco" this Friday, January 26, as Poolside splashes down at The Wiltern. Click the link above to book your seats today!

Poolside at The Wiltern

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