Peter Cat Recording Co. at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Peter Cat Recording Co.

Here’s something amazingly stellar for you music freaks – the New Delhi born powerhouse Peter Cat Recording Co. is slated to drop their forthcoming work, Beta! The record will of course come out in conjunction with a magnificent trek which will send the brilliant quintet to major territories, including the U.S.! Yes, these Indian phenoms are making their way stateside and will make a coveted stop in Los Angeles, California for the Good Luck Beta ‘24 Tour! This fall, you’ll be revelling in fantastic gypsy jazz, alternative, and rock as Peter Cat Recording Co. conquers the Wiltern! The show on Saturday 28th September 2024 will surely bring on a remarkable music trip as the band drops their fire staples like “Memory Box,” “Soulless Friends,” “Floated By,” and “People Never Change!” Time to bring some change to your Saturday evening by catching one of India’s most banging rock powerhouses! Secure your passes now before you miss out!

If you’re craving for a fantastic music trip, this is a guaranteed banger worth your while! For starters, they have an entirely fresh take on infusing rock tunes with jazz, with hints of bossa nova. Nothing in town, even in Los Angeles, sounds anything like them! So that’s why it’s such a fantastic feat to get a taste of what these Indian music titans got in store! See these New Delhi born phenoms as they cross the pacific to showcase their brilliant new effort, Beta! The Goodluck Beta ‘24 Tour will keep their listeners on their toes as the prolific quintet debuts new music, including newly released smasher, “People Never Change.” Released in spring, this new fire staple is absolutely going viral and garnered over half a million streams in a short period of time.

A game changer in the Indian music circuit, Peter Cat Recording Co. is definitely making waves across the globe with their unique take on rock and jazz infusion. The quintet comprising frontman Suryakant Sawhney, guitarist Kartik Pillai, bassist Dhruv Bhola, drummer Karan Singh, and trumpeter Rohit Gupta are definitely moving Indian music into a new era. For starters, their tunes are not only appreciated worldwide but also breaking barriers (their music is sung mostly in English). Even when they’re heavily influenced by western sounds, the band never fails to input their rich culture into the mix – this is pretty much evident in their new single, “People Never Change.” But their addictive sounds are giving local jazz artists in the U.S. a run for their money. Peter Cat Recording Co. is making so much noise in the U.S. jazz scene, that demand has grown immensely over the years.

Now, they make their way to the U.S. as part of their massive worldwide outing. If you must know, the band is serving over 70 dates across the globe! Yes, they’re pretty much sought after everywhere – as long as fantastic jazz music is a thing, rest assured that Peter Cat Recording Co. is wanted over there!

Now check them out at the Wiltern! Peter Cat Recording Co. is anticipated to bring a healthy amount of staples from their brilliant catalog. They had released seven remarkable studio efforts, each one bringing an entirely out of this world music trip!

Hurry and secure your access now! You don’t really need us telling you that this is a rare spectacle! So quickly hit that Get Tickets link now!

Peter Cat Recording Co. at The Wiltern

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