Open Thoughts vs. Really Good Podcast Tour: Funny Marco & Bobbi Althoff at The Wiltern

Open Thoughts vs. Really Good Podcast Tour Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Open Thoughts vs. Really Good Podcast Tour

The OPEN THOUGHTS VS. REALLY GOOD PODCAST TOUR is coming to The Wiltern! Led by Funny Marco & Bobbi Althoff, these best friends are joining forcers IRL for a hilarious live show. These internet stars have made rounds for their hilarious jokes and tales on their platforms. Now, they're taking their podcasts for a live spin, side-by-side. Conquering the stage on May 30th, you can expect their iconic comedy style to send you laughing out loud. FUNNY MARCO is known for his viral celebrity interviews led by his "uniquely uncomfortable" style. With millions of followers, we're all hooked on his sit-downs with some of the worlds biggest stars including Nicki Minaj and Kevin Hart. BOBBI ALTHOFF also boasts millions fo followers for her celebrity interviews as well, with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica Alba, Whiz Khalifa, and many more on the list. As both of these icons tackle hilarious and brave questions that gets everyone hooked, don't miss out by booking those tickets now!

OPEN THOUGHTS VS. REALLY GOOD PODCAST TOUR is taking over. Dominating the stage with their hilarious tales and brave questions that everyone wants to hear answers for, FUNNY MARCO & BOBBIE ALTHOFF is taking everyone on a wild night. Get ready for a show that's surely full of laughter, hot takes, and surprising conversations as the two celebrity interview masters join forces for a huge showdown.

Funny Marco has dominated the internet for his viral celebrity interviews described as "uniquely uncomfortable". He's got all of us hooked! With millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), his podcast revolves around the biggest hip-hop stars. He's been able to sit down with some of the world's biggest icons including Nicki Minaj and Kevin Hart.

Nicki described the man is "very strange and odd", and we exactly see why! "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! FUNNY MARCO WHO IS A VERY STRANGE & ODD MAN INTERVIEWED ME," the rapper wrote on social media, announcing her appearance on Marcos' "Open Thoughts". Fans promptly watched and shared the funniest parts all over the internet.

Another icon in the interwebs has a similar interview style with some of the biggest celebrities out there. Bobbie Althoff is a queen in her game of interviewing several stars, including Bobby Flay, Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica Alba, Whiz Khalifa, and many more. Known to ask brave questions that gets audiences hooked, her content is always full of surprises.

Recently, Althoff made headlines for interviewing Drake. Her "The Really Good Podcast" blew up massively, launching only in April. "I decided to just go for it and shoot my shot. I DMed Drake and asked if he wanted to be on my podcast, and he said yes," she told Cosmopolitan how it all came to be. "He sent me his touring schedule, and I knew that I needed to make it happen fast, so my friend and I flew to Memphis two days after the original DM was sent to record the episode."

Several fans and celebrities have made comparisons between the two, and Lil Yachty even poked fun at Marco about Althoff's success. "Were you jealous that she just surpassed you and completely obliterated your existence?" Yachty joked to Marco.

Now, they're even joining forces to face each other head-on, showing all of us what they've got. Which podcast will reign? Well, all we know is we're in for a wild night of hysterical laughter with the two powerhouses sharing one stage.

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Open Thoughts vs. Really Good Podcast Tour at The Wiltern

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