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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


Expect some great thrills from Los Angeles’ premier music destination as the iconic Noname brings her incredible staples to the City of Angels! Yes, the Chicago-born wunderkind, known for her hip-hop-jazz fusion, is bringing her highly acclaimed live set to town! And if you’re wondering if you should buy access to the show on Monday, 6th November 2023, now or later, we guarantee that tickets will be moving fast! The highly-anticipated Sundial Tour has been the topic amongst hip-hop fanatics since it was announced. So, better not risk it and secure your tickets early! With her incredible poetry and groundbreaking bars topped with neo-soul tendencies, Noname is sure to make the show at the Wiltern worth your while! You can expect plenty of familiar hits, as well as new songs from her latest independent album, Sundial. The critically-regarded effort has been described as “riveting” and aiming for a hip-hop revolution! So don’t think twice now. Click on the Get Tickets link and secure your passes to see Noname at the Wiltern on Monday 6th, November 2023!

When it comes to underground hip-hop, many names have come up. But Noname has been an underdog set to redefine the industry with her amazing lyricism. Not too long ago, she used to conquer open mic nights and dominate slam poetry competitions. But soon, the freestyle rapper was just too talented to be kept in Chicago’s back pocket. In 2013, Noname was selected by Chance the Rapper to appear in his second mixtape, Acid Rap. Noname rapped and sang in the compelling track “Lost.” Three years later, she once again worked with Chance the Rapper for his 2016 effort, Coloring Book.

Writing and producing her own music, Noname finally released their debut EP, Telefone, in 2016. The self-released gem featured the incredible tracks “Yesterday,” “Sunny Duet,” and “Reality Check.” Although the album didn’t have a big corporation behind it, Noname’s incredible body of work was enough to prove why she’s the next big thing in hip-hop. After a remarkable debut, Noname continued to release her works. In 2018, she dropped Room 25, described as “flawless” and having “complex lyrics delivered with ease and confidence.” Her excellent performance in the album led to Rolling Stone declaring her as “one of the best rappers alive.”

This 2023, expect some incredible hip-hop staples as Noname conquers the Wiltern with her biggest hits. The talented rapper has been known to perform high-energy sets. Fans have been raving about her rhyme schemes and clever wordplay. The 31-year-old rapper has also been known to sell out shows across North America. So expect a fully-packed venue on Monday, 6th November 2023, when you come and see her at the Wiltern.

Prepare to be captivated by Noname’s exquisite live performance. Lucky for Los Angeles’ fans, Noname has specifically chosen the Wiltern due to its long-standing reputation for presenting incredible live music. The iconic 1,850-capacity concert hall is the perfect setting for an intimate hip-hop show. So be sure to score your tickets early before they run out!

Catch Noname at the Wiltern on Monday, 6th November 2023, by clicking the Get Tickets link now!

Noname at The Wiltern

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