Netflix Is A Joke Festival: Sheng Wang at The Wiltern

Netflix Is A Joke Festival Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Netflix Is A Joke Festival

The largest comedy event in history is coming to town! Taking place in LA right at The Wiltern this May, Netflix Is A Joke is bringing over one of the nation's hottest stand-up comedians to the stage. The show on May 9th will feature the one and only Sheng Wang, fresh from his first Netflix special "Sweet and Juicy". Set to share his unique brand of relatable and heartfelt comedy, it sure is a show you just can't miss. Since 2002, he's been honing his stand-up skills, performing around San Francisco and NYC. This time around, he won the attention of new fans around the globe for his Netflix feature and a couple of his TV appearances including HBO's "2 Dope Queens". He also took his talent as a writer for the ABC hit TV series "Fresh Off the Boat". As the man takes everyone on a hilarious ride at this year's biggest comedy festival, mark your spots and book your tickets now!

Having marked a monumental milestone in his career with his first Netflix special "Sweet and Juicy", Sheng Wang is on a roll! As the year's biggest comedy festival hits the stage this year, right in LA, the man is set to get you laughing your socks off with his unique brand of humor that gets audiences into hysterical laughs. His clean comedy antics always get the crowd hooked, "from grandmas to porn stars," it's one heck of a good time with Sheng Wang.

Though taking the spotlight in recent years for his Netflix release and guest appearances in various TV programs including HBO's "2 Dope Queens", Wang has actually been under the radar for quite a while now. He's been juggling shows in San Francisco and New York City since 2002, and contributed his writing expertise to ABC's hit TV series "Fresh Off the Boat".

The Taiwanese-American comic found his own audience in and beyond America, winning the hearts of people for his clean and honest comedy that definitely hits hard. He largely attributes his success to the help of Ali Wong, whom he regards as "one of my best friends and one of my favorite comedians in the entire world," via The Daily Beast. Taking inspiration from his friend's achievements and encouragement, Wang pursued his own hilarious craft, winning the acclaim of the global comedy scene.

Taking inspiration from everyday quirks of sweet ol' life, Wang's relatable tales and fresh humor got fans craving for more. Twenty years in the game, he found his big break upon the release of his Netflix special, realizing how much people relate to his everyday inspirations - the backbone of his stand-up shows. "It’s just all kinds of people at different ages, different careers, different parts of society, parents and their children, from grandmas to porn stars," the man shared, via NBC News.

Directed by Ali Wong, Sheng Wang credits the acclaimed comic for his deep love for the art of laughter. "I’ve slowly been following in her footsteps in a really weird way," he shared. "Not just careerwise: I got her old furniture. She’s upgrading slowly. So I’m slowly upgrading to what she just had."

Though he's a new sight in the colorful world of stand-up kings, he's actually been consistent in his approach to his comedy antics. He shares that he's been his most boring and bland self to make his jokes speak for themselves. It's not about him or how he looks, it's about how his words are able to strike every listener, and share joy and laughter with the whole crowd. "That’s the mindset that I had, was to just go on stage and let the jokes speak for themselves and not have things that people can think about or judge me on," he told The Daily Beast.

Don't miss out on Sheng Wang's special appearance at Netflix Is A Joke Festival right at The Wiltern on May 9th by booking your tickets now!

Netflix Is A Joke Festival at The Wiltern

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