Netflix Is A Joke Festival: Ali Wong at The Wiltern

Netflix Is A Joke Festival Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Netflix Is A Joke Festival

Prepare for the best stand-up comedy you’ll ever witness as Netflix Is A Joke Festival brings Ali Wong to the California stages on Wednesday, 8th of May, at The Wiltern, Los Angeles. The yearly tradition of Netflix is back as they pooled the hottest and the best comedians in the world for 300+ shows all over Los Angeles City venues to deliver an ecstatic and hilarious experience to the audience present. Featuring Ali Wong, she will reign the Wiltern as her bold takes and boundary-pushing humor bring giggles to everyone with her comedy about motherhood, relationships, and sex. Known for her comedy specials Hard Knock Wife, Baby Cobra, and Don Wong, her stand-up wits will be showcased on the live stages as her comedy brings a delightful scheme to the fans on the scene. Buckle up for a roller coaster of laughter and chuckles as Netflix Is A Joke featuring Ali Wong fearlessly takes the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime comedic experience that is not just entertaining but empowering to watch. Grab your tickets now!

Get hype and loud as ever because Netflix Is A Joke Festival is back with another banger! Ali Wong will lead the way to the comedy haven on the 8th of May at The Wiltern, Los Angeles, California. Following Netflix's tradition, Ali Wong is set to deliver the comedy confrontation as she talks about societal norms and stereotypes in a comedic way to put the fans in a laughing state.

Shows are added to The Wiltern as the first released schedules are sold out, so the fun is lengthened with an additional three shows on the list. So, don't be absent in the comedy celebration at its finest as Ali Wong highlights her wits and charms on the stand-up stage to make the fans double over with laughter.

The Netflix Is A Joke Festival is a tradition of Netflix to gather the most iconic and renowned comedians on the planet to put up the biggest stand-up comedy stretch in Los Angeles. With over 300+ shows in 30+ venues, Ali Wong will be highlighted in one of the events as she put The Wiltern as her comedy haven, giving the fans a taste of sharp, uproarious storytelling sets that will not just put fans in laughter but put them to the ground rolling.

Known for her brave comedy landscape that tackles sex, womanhood, marriage, and stereotypes, Ali Wong will be setting the house on fire with their trailblazing comedic lines on sight. With her experience in her comedy specials, including Hard Knock Wife, Baby Cobra, and Don Wong, the award-winning comedian will bring comedy havoc as she hits the live stages with her funny sets and hilarious takes.

“This festival aims to capture this moment by bringing together the world's best comedians for an unforgettable 11 days”, Robbie Praw of Netflix Vice President for Stand-up Comedy and Comedy Format said.

There is no better place to hold the Ali Wong stand-up special than The Wiltern, as the Netflix Is A Joke Festival treats the fans with unforgettable experiences. With its Art Deco Architecture, dilapidated theater, amazing facilities, and state-of-the-art lighting and sounds, it is a perfect location for the comedy culmination of Ali Wong’s hilarious journey to stand-up shows. Get ready for comedic chaos as Netflix Is A Joke Festival featuring Ali Wong delivers a monumental comedy experience of your life. Grab your tickets now!

Netflix Is A Joke Festival at The Wiltern

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