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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Mike Dean

Kick off your March with a bang as hip-hop's most in-demand collaborator, Mike Dean steps out of his recording studio to bring out the best concert party in Los Angeles! Your eyes are not deceiving you; you are reading that right. The "synth god" will unleash his powerful skills as an arranger, synth player, and guitarist this March 1 and will set the Wiltern Stage on fire. If you have been enjoying Dean's fourth studio album, "4:23," this is your chance to hear the "steely sci-fi epic soundtrack and spaced-out dream-pop" tunes live. The multi-Grammy award-winning artist is sure to give his fans a delightful evening as they immerse themselves in his psychedelic and complex tunes. The Wiltern will become a haven of electronic music that will make you and your friends enjoy the night away! So, if you want to become part of a sonic journey orchestrated by the hip-hop legend himself, mark your calendars and reserve your tickets now. The "Get Tickets" link is waiting for you. Click it now to place your orders.

Beyonce, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Madonna, and Selena Gomez are among the most prominent figures in the mainstream music industry. These musicians have been instrumental in shaping the future of mainstream music. Since they have put out top-notch music recently, they have garnered a lot of respect and admiration. The music styles of these titans may differ; however, there are sometimes shared elements among their albums. Their tunes tend to embrace this heavily synthesized sound. Behind this ingenuity in audio mixing is the work of record producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mike Dean.

Mike Dean is considered the most sought-after music producer of today. He is a master of multiple instruments. Growing up in Texas, he knows how to play guitar, bass, cello, piano, and keyboard. His sonic prowess takes someone's musical genius into that of a masterpiece. He has produced more than a hundred albums, and many of them are considered the best in today's music scene.

Hip hop is where Mike Dean's true genius comes out. In the 90s, he worked with many hip-hop artists like Bushwick Bill, 5th Ward Boyz, Scarface and 2Pac. His contribution to the hip hop scene led to him becoming one of the trailblazers of the Dirty South sound, a monicker given to the Southern hip-hop sound of the 90s.

His career reached new heights in the 2000s, coinciding with the heyday of hip-hop music. He collaborated with Kanye West, who was a rising star at the time. It all started with their debut album, "The College Dropout." A reputation as a "synth god" started to take shape for Dean when the album shattered records in 2005.

After this, he collaborated on every album by Kanye West. Madonna would never release an album without including his music. Jay Z and Beyonce, who are both important to Kanye West's success, subsequently chose to collaborate with him. Some of his more recent compositions include songs from Beyonce's "Renaissance" album.

Catch the "synth god" perform his original songs at The Wiltern on March 1. This show is sure to be sold out; so get your tickets now before that happens!

Mike Dean at The Wiltern

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