Men I Trust at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Gatekeeping your favorite artist is not unusual. But sometimes, when a band is so good, you can't always expect them to fit in your back pocket! In the case of the indie rock band Men I Trust, they are burgeoning out of the depths of the underground scene. This fall, the band is setting out on a long-awaited outing across North America. Regarded as one of the fastest-rising bands at the moment, Men I Trust, led by the illustrious Emmanuel Proulx, shows music fans that they are no longer the little band that you can keep as a secret. With a massive trek on the way and a newly released brand new song, the band is slated to become Canada’s biggest independent band! On Saturday, 4th November 2023, the Montreal-born trio will bring their highly-acclaimed show to Los Angeles! This two-show run at the Wiltern will showcase the band’s iconic hits, such as “Show Me How,” “Oncle Jazz,” “Ring of Past,” and “Numb.” Aside from older hits, the trio will feature tracks from their latest effort called the Untourable Album. If you’re keen on seeing this sensational band deliver their high-energy set, then hurry and secure your tickets now!

Men I Trust at The Wiltern

Contrary to popular belief, Men I Trust is far from being an overnight success. The band, which emerged in 2014 from Montreal, began self-releasing records since high school friends Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac had an unexpected reunion at a university. The duo dropped their self-titled debut album the same year they reunited. During their early years, Men I Trust secured coveted local gigs at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec City Summer, M for Montreal, and more. The following year, their sophomore effort Headroom featured vocalists Ghostly Kisses and Emmanuelle Proulx. The band later secured Proulx as their permanent frontwoman in 2016.

With a new band member, Men I Trust released their self-titled debut EP. They also released several non-album singles, including “Humming Man,” “Lauren,” and “Plain View.” By 2017, they released singles from their third album Oncle Jazz. The album featured several hits, including the title track, “Show Me How,” and “Numb.” These singles are the band’s fan favorites, reaching approximately half a billion collective streams across various platforms. Oncle Jazz had a unique sound due to the band keeping themselves isolated in rural Quebec while recording the effort in rural Quebec. Proulx expounded, "It put us in a really different creative mood, and we were able to focus more because there’s nothing to do outside of the house except for walking and thinking about music.”

In 2021, the band dropped their latest effort, Untouchable Album. The record featured the fan favorite, “Tree Among the Shrubs, which clocked in over 15 million streams on Spotify. The band embarked on a massive world tour in 2022 to support their latest effort and made stops in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Australia.

Last year, Men I Trust released new songs, “Hard to Let Go,” “Billie Toppy,” and “Girl.” In November, they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and “Show Me How” with Joey Badass. For several years, the band has been listed as one of THE bands to watch by various critics. Amidst the fast-rising success, indie music purists can be comforted by the thought that the band refuses to sign with a major label anytime soon. This may be excellent news, but thanks to streaming platforms, the band also has a massive influx of casual listeners. So if you want to see Men I Trust perform live in the indie music capital of North America, Los Angeles, you better secure your tickets now!

Men I Trust at The Wiltern

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