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I.M (Monsta X)

Get ready to witness his newest all-out bangers live on stage. I.M (Monsta X) just released his newest "Off The Beat" EP, featuring his hard-hitting lead single "LURE". Now, the track has definitely got us lured in with its sick beats, Latin-inspired guitars, and the man's smooth vocals and rap skills. Moreover, I.M just announced his first-ever world tour, set for the skies as he flies to North America, hitting the stage at The Wiltern for back-to-back nights. This show on Sunday, September 1st will see the man performing his big hits, fan favorites, and new anthems. Straight out of South Korea, he's set to drop the beat, and get the crowd shaking. As his punchy beats and astounding rap skills lure us in, there's no escaping now. I.M stans, unite! Don't miss out on OFF THE BEAT WORLD TOUR by booking your tickets now!

With a new record "Off The Beat" making waves around the world, South Korean rapper I.M of Monsta X is kicking off his first-ever world tour. After kicking off the trek with two nights of concerts in Seoul, the man is heading to Europe, and then flying to North America for his OFF THE BEAT World Tour. Part of the trek is back-to-back nights at The Wiltern. I.M stans, get ready for hot and wild nights as the man's music takes over the stage.

Kicking off the new era with sold-out shows in Seoul, the man captivated the crowd with a set that makes his unique music and hard-hitting bangers shine. As his smooth vocals and amazing rap skills take over, it's evident why millions of fans stan this fine artist. The energy was like no other at his Seoul shows, and the crowd clamored for encores.

"It feels like fate to begin MONSTA X’s first tour and my first solo tour at the same venue. Even now, as the concert ends, my heart is pounding just like it did at the start," he said, as cited from Allkpop.

Hitting 18 countries on tour, international fans have gone wild in anticipation.

His new EP "Off The Beat" shares his newest single "LURE". The tempting track shares I'M's sick beats to his impressive vocals and rapping skills. With Latin music inspired influences in the mix, his signature upbeat hip-hop groove smoothly blends in. "Want ‘em to know for sure, can't keep it on the low, babe can you love me out loud," he sings, and we sure are lured in!

I.M first launched his solo career in 2016 with his first mixtape "Who Am I" featuring Yesseo. Since then, while remaining as an active member of his group Monsta X, the man continued to release mixtapes, leading up to his debut EP "DUALITY" in 2021. It gained massive success in Billboard's World Digital Songs Sales chart, and garnered over 15 million streams on Spotify. His follow-up release "OVERDRIVE" came out in June 2023 via Sony Music Korea, showcasing a change of style. It ranked first in 14 countries on iTunes, and gained over a million streams in just 24 hours of its release. Now, on his "Off The Beat" era, the man continues to shine and make waves in the global Korean music scene.

Each song on "Off The Beat" shares a unique characteristic that all-in-all defines I.M's creative passion. "Bust It" shares confidence in a trap-driven beat, while "X0" boasts smooth melodies to his lyrics that tempt you.

In a conversation with USA TODAY, I.M shares how he is proud of his creative freedom in his own work, and how grateful he is to his fans who continue to support himself and Monsta X. "Our MONSTA X team is almost heading into the decade, when every single year passes, the members and the memories and all the fans are very precious to me," he told USA TODAY.

The man will keep making music, no matter what. "I'm walking in the right way with my fans because I know what I want," he said.

Don't miss out on OFF THE BEAT live at The Wiltern by booking your tickets now!

I.M (Monsta X) at The Wiltern

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