Hidden, Leito, Sijal & Khalse at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


Are you feeling up for a night of hip-hop? Join the show as the Persian stars dominate the stage with their magnetic stage presence and groovy performances.

On one of their two shows in the United States, Persian hip-hop stars Mehrad Hidden, Behzad Leito, Sijal, and Sepehr Khalse will make their way to The Wilburn in Los Angeles, California. The show will commence on Sunday, the 3rd of September, 2023.

If you’ve been listening to these artists on the Persian music platform, Radio Javan, then it’s time you finally see them live on stage. Hidden, Leito, Sijal & Khalse are coming together to give you a night you will never forget. Jam to the beat of your favorite hits live!

This may be your only chance to see these four talented hip-hop artists perform together on stage - buy your tickets right now before it’s too late! Click on “GET TICKETS” to make your purchase.

It’s not too late to hop into the world of the Persian music scene - we’ll give you everything you need to know about the four rockstar hip-hop artists coming to perform live at The Wilburn in Los Angeles, California.

Mehrad Hidden, real name Mehrad Shirazi, is a Persian hip-hop rapper, singer, and songwriter. His first most notable work, “Hamintori,” was a collaboration with Sohrab MJ and Cornella, released in 2013. The track was well-accepted and garnered millions of views on Youtube alone. This song was what solidified Mehrad Hidden as one talented rapper.

His music often addresses things like heartbreak, personal issues, political issues, and the struggle of everyday life. He pairs his raps with catchy beats that make you wanna vibe with it. Some of his most popular releases include “Madaraneh,” “Dargiret Oo Dargiram,” and “Ghalbam Roo Tekrare.”

Behzad Leito, real name Behzad Davarpanah, is another Persian rapper, singer, and songwriter. In the early 2010s, he decided to put his music out for the world to witness through Youtube and Spotify. His songs definitely received the recognition they deserved due to their energetic and catchy style. His breakthrough moment was when he released “Khaak” in 2013, which featured fellow rapper and producer Sijal.

Saeed Sijal - or simply Sijal - is a Persian rapper and producer. He has made significant contributions to the Persian hip-hop scene with his unique rap style and diverse collaborations. Some of his most popular releases are “Bargard” and “Naab.” He has collaborated with many artists in the Persian scene but has made his way to international collaborations, too - some of them being with Turkish rapper Ceza and American rapper Tech N9ne.

Sepehr Khalse, similar to the first three mentions, is a Persian hip-hop artist. He began his career in the early 2010s and quickly made a name for himself. One of his best releases is “Doost Daramet” (meaning “I Love You”), released in 2012. The song gave him more recognition as a rapper. Other songs by him include “Maskhara” and “Asre Jadid.”

More recently, Hidden, Leito, Sijal & Khalse have been collaborating and releasing new music. Because of this, they decided to go on a few shows to perform their freshest beats live. Join them at The Wilburn on Sunday, the 3rd of September, 2023.

Buy your tickets right now! This is your only chance to see all four of them perform on stage together.

Hidden at The Wiltern

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