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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


Griff’s stage presence is magnetic as she effortlessly commands attention with her soulful vocals and infectious energy. She will be coming to The Wiltern on Monday, October 7th for an unforgettable performance. You won’t want to miss out on any of her roaring voice.

In each performance she brings everything to the table leaving nothing behind and making the show exceptional as if it were her last. Her new album “Vertigo” will have your knees weak from how powerful and deep the songs are.

With Griff’s soaring vocals that complement the uplifting nature of the beat this will be an amazing performance. Her name will be written in the history books as one of the fastest growing artists in the world.

She will be performing with her heart on her sleeve. There is no time to waste, go hit that buy tickets button and get ready for the unforgettable blend of passion and pure magic that is Griff.

Griff started writing her songs at a very young age and after refining her song writing by herself at home and in between school she decided play her songs for some fellow musicians who really enjoyed her work. They then introduced her to their contacts and she managed to secure herself a management deal by the age of 13. Griff carried on writing but only released her debut single “Mirror Talk” 5 years later after she had finished school. It now has over 3 million plays on Spotify and Billboard described the song as an electrifying debut.

In 2021 Griff was named the rising star at the Brit awards where she was one of the youngest winners in the category at the age of 20. At the end of the year she went on to release her mix tape “One Foot In front Of the Other” which was very successful and was critically acclaimed. She also released “Black Hole” in 2021 which Griff received an ARIA Gold award for.

She has opened for many artists on their tours including Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and most recently Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has said that Griff is one of the best up and coming artists to date, which is important because she has always been a huge fan of Taylor Swift. Griff has been commended by multiple artists and fans for her powerful voice and very vulnerable lyrics.

Her latest album “Vertigo” is out of this world, literally, with the song “Astronaut” which already has already gained over 6 million plays on Spotify. If you would like to hear this hit then have a look at the link below, you won’t regret it. Griff will be performing from the soul and this will resonate in everyone’s hearts. An unforgettable performance for an unforgettable artist.

Griff is a rising star and she sings powerful anthems for anyone and everyone, so go get your tickets and get pumped up to see her, Live!! This is the perfect opportunity to see her in her comfort zone, in front of all her favourite people and doing what she loves, performing.

Griff at The Wiltern

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