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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


This summer, a trio of artists are taking to stages across the US to engage fans with a tour that will celebrate all the edges, genres, grittiness and sounds of punk music. Each evening promises to be a concert that fans will remember for years after. Headlining for his 2023 tour is Enjoy, and joining him are two amazing bands, Dumb F**ks and Bad vacation. Tickets are currently on sale for Enjoy’s tour, so book yours now for Saturday the 19th of August at The Wiltern, the iconic and atmospheric venue in Los Angeles. It is the perfect place to hear Enjoy performing some of his most loved tracks, but also to treat audiences to his most current material, particularly from his latest album release. Dumb F**ks and Bad Vacation will be adding their bold and defiant beats and lyrics too, so don’t miss out and secure your tickets today!

Enjoy is the name of the solo venture by musician, model and pretty boy Wyatt Shears. Along with his twin brother they created the sound of The Garden and have created a rep for both being music makers and cool style icons. Wyatt Shears is also an artist known for creating a blend of sounds with his unique style, mixing the beats of drum and bass with the soulful pops of 70’s funk, the edgy noise of UK punk, and of course, his root sounds of Socal.

Now, amidst the big positive response of his latest release, available since June 2023 and titled, ‘Exploited’, Enjoy is going on tour, hopping to various venues and cities to give fans a taste of his latest material live on stage. He will be at The Wiltern, LA, on the 19th of August, so book your tickets now!

Enjoy’s latest 11 track release has already got some fan favourite hit tracks on it, such as ‘Ring Your Bell’, ‘Hill To Die On’ and ‘Jerk Driver’, and he is excited to be performing his latest songs live, giving fans an enjoyable, easy experience of music.

Joining him on the tour are Dum F**ks, the hardcore punk band formed in 2015. They have melded the gritty punk sounds of LA into their style, and their eponymous album, released in 2017, was a hit with punk fans. Their latest single, released earlier this year, ‘Hollywood’ is a great anthem of noise and edginess.

Finishing the line-up is Bad Vacation, the NYC punkers who were part of a movement of ‘Covid bands’ and their new release, ‘Dirty, Gritty, Pretty’ is out in the world to spread the grit and attitude of their music.

So, if you love music that has an edginess, relatable sound, and gives you feels of The Stooges, Ramones and the New York Dolls, and a ‘fist pump’ punch in the air, book your tickets now to experience Enjoy, Dumb F**ks and Bad Vacation as they unite on tour and be at The Wiltern on 08/19/2023. Don’t wait around and book whilst you still can!

Enjoy at The Wiltern

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